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The Flash: Flash Vs. Arrow Review (Article) - 12/5/2014 5:23:23 AM

 joe4306: No, That was a fling Ollie got preggers in season 2 flashback.  Moira paid her a million to go away and move to Central.  That was before the Flash was a show and just an easter egg.

Munkey421e: Victor Garber!  aka Sydney's dad on Alias!

Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange (Article) - 12/5/2014 5:13:13 AM

I like him.  But can he do an American accent?

Starship Icarus Series from Cracked (Article) - 10/10/2014 8:39:00 PM

 Will there be a cameo by Sylvester P. Smythe?  I love that guy.

The Rock for the Green Lantern? (Article) - 2/6/2014 10:54:34 AM

 Black Lightning? Black Vulcan? Steel??

Justice League: War - On Your Nose Clip (Article) - 2/5/2014 7:47:16 PM

 Funny, no real publicity for JLA Adventures - Trapped in Time.  Based off a Superfriends episode.


UK - Captain America The Winter Soldier Trailer 2 (Article) - 2/3/2014 4:57:15 PM

 From the studio that brought you "Avengers Assemble".... the cartoon?

Avengers Confidential: Black Widow and Punisher Trailer (Article) - 1/23/2014 4:48:16 PM

 Jennifer Carpenter as Black Widow?  How many times can Black Widow exclaim "Fuck!"?

Muppets Most Wanted: Who is Constantine (Article) - 1/23/2014 4:42:07 PM

 “Jim Henson had a 'wait-and-see' attitude, and look what happened to him. Now we’ve got wrong-sounding Muppets!” Ahhh. I still love 'em.

New MUPPETS MOST WANTED Video (Article) - 1/7/2014 7:42:39 PM

 I love all things Muppets, but this one doesn't have that "I need to see it in the theater" feel the last movie had.  I feel like the last movie was the return after years on the backburner.  This one feels like cashing in.  I'll catch it in home release.

New IMAGES from Justice League: War (Article) - 12/23/2013 7:10:17 PM

 Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will distribute JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR as a Bu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and for Digital Download on February 4, 2013????  That was 10 months ago!



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