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Screenwriter Chris Morgan on 'Wanted' and 'The Psycho'

    October 13, 2007

Comic Book Resources chatted up screenwriter Chris Morgan about his new Boom! Studios book. He also gave them some info about his movie projects:

Regarding 'Wanted':

"Brandt and Haas, who wrote the adaptation of '3:10 to Yuma,' and who did the first pass on 'Wanted,' came back on to even out Wes's voice, which they had established in their first draft. I'm a huge fan of those guys. They have a way with dialogue that I think is brilliant.

Having worked for Universal on my last five projects, I was indeed kept in the loop during production and have seen bits of dailies and action bits throughout. I was surprised when they cast Morgan Freeman - that guy is the man - and I can't really tell you anything else other than prepare to be blown away.

He's also working on a filmed adaptation of James Hudnall and Dan Brereton's 'The Psycho':

The heat just got turned up and it's on my front burner.


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