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SDCC: ALICE Trailer & Panel Thoughts

Down the Rabbit hole once again with Tim Burton.

By Edward Goodsmith     July 24, 2009

Alice (Mia Wasikowska) in the Red Queen's famed rose garden in Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND(2009).
© Disney Enterprises, Inc


Tim Burton isn’t known for having a bright and cheery demeanor, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t sit down and talk about his upcoming remake of the Disney classic Alice in Wonderland. Unfortunately, as much as we tried, we couldn’t get him to remove his shades, but that didn’t stop him from conveying his vision to us.
Burton really tried to establish that this is not going to be a direct live action version of the original cartoon. He stressed that he’s looking to delve deeper in to the intricacies of the story, and explore some things that may have not been addressed in the cartoon. We also found out that the relationship between Alice and the Mad Hatter is going to be a little more deep, but not romantic as some rumors have been saying. In Burton’s words “She’s just a little girl!”
The style is certainly going to be Burton, anyone who has seen the posters can tell you that, but he did express some concern over the green screen. Burton expressed that he really likes to let the actors be actors and leave the computer-generated stuff for other parts of the movie. He did share that he’s looking forward to showing the movie in 3D, and he really thinks it will help immerse the audience in the story.
He was careful to not really add much more to the plate of what we know about this movie, but we were treated to a spectacular teaser trailer, which you can check out below:
I’m sure that as the release date approaches more footage will be shown, and help audiences get a feel for what to expect. Alice in Wonderland hits theaters nationwide on March 5th, 2010. Stick with for any more news about the movie.


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hanso 7/24/2009 7:06:06 PM

I like how it looks but is this the Mad Hatter in Wonderland or Alice?  The trailer makes it look like it's Depp's film.

EdGoodsmith 7/24/2009 7:31:27 PM

@hanso I think that's what you get when you put a star like Depp in a movie, with that kind of star power his character, even in a secondary role, will tend to overshadow the main character. I also tend to think that marketing people would swing the trailer that way so people not familiar with the movie see the trailer and go "Oh, new Johnny Depp movie, I'll have to see that!" Who knows how much influence the Hatter will have in the final film.

almostunbiased 7/24/2009 8:35:10 PM

I was thinking the same thing Hanso.  Very impressive visuals, but just not sure about this.  Plus I hate 3D movies because they always through stupid crap at you and it just seems forced and out of place.

Depending on what it is rated, i may take my kids, or I may skip this and rent it.

ripum853 7/24/2009 9:51:00 PM

This film is supposed to be way different then the books, practically a sequel from what I've heard.  I saw art designs of an Armor suit that Alice wears while supposedly fighting the Jabberwocky.  Jabberwocky doesn't even make an appearance in the books, just a poem by the White Knight in Through the Looking Glass.  So apparently it will be quite different from the books, and therefore, yes, Mad Hatter overkill since it's the most frequently talked about character (more so then Alice IMO), and it's Johnny Depp.

ponyboy76 7/25/2009 10:05:38 AM

I was never really into 3-D movies but 3-D has come such a long way technologically that the stuff looks great now. I saw My Bloody Valentine in 3-D and that was pretty damn cool. A movie like this, with its already stunning visuals will just expound on the 3-D element. I am hoping that this version of Tim Burton's will be a little darker than the teaser shows. I mean, this is Burton we are talking about so, I'm pretty sure that teaser was just a audience friendly trailer.



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