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SDCC: Batman: The Brave and the Bold Panel

Mania's Rob Worley was on hand at the Batman panel

By Rob M. Worley     July 25, 2008

The banner for Batman: The Brave and the Bold outside of the San Diego Comic Con(2008).
© Rob Worley
Fans at Comic-Con were treated today to footage of the new 'Batman' animated TV series 'The Brave and the Bold', which airs later this year on Cartoon Network. On hand to present the footage were Sam register, executive VP of Warner animation, James Tucker, supervising producer, Michael Jelenic, story editor, Brandon Vietti, director, Ben Jones, director, Michael Chang, director, Diedrich Bader, the voice of Batman and Andrea Romano, voice director on the show.

Tucker and Register revealed that the genisis of the show lay in the opening titles of the 1960s 'Batman' TV series, which utilized artwork by classic Batman artist Dick Sprang. The idea was to do a show in the same style of  Sprang's comics, which had a lighter tone than the character currently enjoys.

Although the show is designed to be friendly for young audiences, the crew assured fans that it does not make fun of the caped crusader or see the Dark Knight doing standup. Instead the show's lighter side will come from the other inspiration for the show: The Brave and the Bold comics.

The new show will see Batman teamed with other DCU heroes, with each adventure taking place in different places in the universe.

The footage we saw played against a breezy Jazz tune, which we were told was the rough cut of the actualy theme song from the show. In the demo reel, guest characters Green Arrow (classic model), Plastic Man, Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes model) and Fire were seen doing battle with the likes of the Gentelman Ghost, Gorilla Grodd, Kanjar Ro and other.

Batman was in full-on gadget mode, flying in the bat-plane in some scenes, and soaring on a bat-jet-pack in others.

The crew were reluctant to name all the characters that would appear during the show's 26 episode run, but the strategy is to use characters that fans haven't often seen Batman interacting with. The implication is that Superman, Wonder Woman and the core Justice League characters would not appear, at least not early on. Aquaman and Red Tornado have been revealed to be on the team-up roster.

One fan asked why they were using the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle when so many fans love the Ted Kord version. Tucker replied cryptically that fans whould know he thinks Ted Kord is great too, which suggests that version of the character may also appear.

Tucker also said that the new batmobile, which did not appear in the clips, is really cool. He wanted it to be the swiss-army knife of super cars, able to transform into the bat-plane or bat-boat with the flip of a bat-switch.

Look for more about the show when we present the complete transcript of the panel later this week.


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alphan 7/25/2008 9:39:22 PM
Ok, it's kiddie stuff. Nothing that I would like to see. Crappy design! Please bring the Batman back into the present time and do a series for adults. We are the ones who have the money to buy the season box later. Damn... will there ever be another fine Batman series after TAS?
videocide 7/26/2008 12:00:38 AM
I only saw "The Batman" once and wasn't impressed. maybe cause I'm a fan of TAS? What do you guys think? Was it any good?
hanso 7/26/2008 4:28:39 AM
Adults have the money to buy the stuff and when they have kids they buy it for their kids! The Batman was good, nothing will top Batman: The Animated Series in my book. I'm thinkin of getting The Batman seasons later on, they are pretty cheap right now in Amazon, some are going for $10. Anyway, I'm looking foward to Brave & the Bold, I mean come on, it's Batman, what's not to like. Yea, it's going to be a kid friendly version and he has his blue suit but we'll get to see him teaming up with all sorts of DC characters and most of the episodes will take him out of Gotham City. It will be interesting to see how this new series plays out and I can't wait to see!
WarCry 7/26/2008 8:37:26 AM
I was actually surprised by the changes in "The Batman". When it started, it was very much a Saturday-morning, make-the-kids-want-toys series. The last season or two really moved it back to a more adult (not adult, mind you, but MORE adult) tone. And they got rid of the "BatWave" stuff. This series looks like fun. I love the dark, broody stuff, but I like the SuperFriends version, too. This looks likely to be somewhere in the middle. It's a Batman cartoon, so I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy whatever they do with it.... Oh, and since Hanso mentioned the suit, I've gotta say, I'd be THRILLED to see a Bats movie with the grey and blue. When in the comics (other than maybe Elseworlds stuff) did Batman where big, black body armor? This isn't a dig at Nolan's films (or Burton's, for that matter), because I know they're trying to do a real-life deal, but Spider-Man showed that you CAN do the comic costumes in the modern age without being super-cheesy.... I'm all for the Blue and Grey (not the Civil War....though Atlanta seems to be getting uppity again........)
joeybaloney 7/26/2008 10:35:29 AM
I’ll at least check this out. I don’t necessarily mind targeting young audiences but all the “swiss-army knife of super-cars†talk ain’t scoring points with me. EVERYTHING pales in comparison with The Animated Series. I could only stomach a couple episodes of The Batman personally. I’m sure TAS was a big reason for that. If you are only going to be a pale imitation why bother? Justice League got it right but it obviously owes quite a bit to TAS.
Wiseguy 7/26/2008 3:41:45 PM
Well I watch Spectacular SpiderMan, The Batman, Legion of Super Heroes. I don't mind if they target kids as long as it isn't completely dumbed down and I don't think these are. I'll be checking out the new series as well.<BR itxtvisited="1" /><BR itxtvisited="1" />I don't see the need to compare it to TAS, sure that was the best by far but come on our super heroes need to be passed on to the next gen. too. And I still rather watch most of these <A class=iAs style="FONT-WEIGHT: normal! important; FONT-SIZE: 100%! important; PADDING-BOTTOM: 1px! important; COLOR: darkgreen! important; BORDER-BOTTOM: darkgreen 0.07em solid; BACKGROUND-COLOR: transparent! important; TEXT-DECORATION: underline! important" href="#" target=_blank itxtdid="5580583">comic book</A> cartoons than most t.v. series anyway.
Tonebone 7/27/2008 10:47:53 AM
Of course TAS is the gold standard. But I was a little put off in the beginning of The Batman because it was so different, but that's the point. If I wanted the same, I'd just watch TAS. Its a really great series and it was a treat to see what the next crazy new interpretation of the Rogue Gallery would be. I love their version of the Riddler. This new series I heard about months ago. I will check it out. If its good, I will watch it. If not, then I probably will still catch an episode here and there. But yes, there is room for all interpretations of Batman
joeybaloney 7/28/2008 7:58:19 AM
Sorry, can’t help but compare The Batman to TAS. TAS version of Batman has been around for so long and was on TV right up until 2006 in Justice League Unlimited, as TAS, Adventures of Batman & Robin & The New Adventures of Batman are all part of the same DC Animated Universe along with JLU. I agree the character is one open to different interpretations and yes his stories should pass from generation to generation but there was no real break between the clearly superior DCAU take on Batman and The Batman’s version. In fact you could still see TAS Bats in JLU while The Batman was on. How can I not compare?!? If there had been a 10 or 15 year break in between versions I would probably have been hungry for a new take, but I still had the old, superior take just a channel click away. So I ask again. Why bother? Just my own humble opinion mind ya.
mckracken 7/30/2008 11:15:19 AM
Brave and the Bold mimics the cartoony Dick Sprang style from the 40's and 50's. They wanted to try something different with this series, all you fanboys want is more TAS, WB and Timm wanted to give us something and i say great...bring it on. More BATMAN, more Blue Beetle and more PLASTIC MAN!
joeybaloney 7/31/2008 6:30:55 AM
I ain't judged this one yet mckracken. Jury's still out until it's seen. I don't have a problem with the animation. It's the story and characterization that's gonna win or lose me. That's what lost me with The Batman.


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