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SDCC: Big Bang Theory Interviews Part 2

The cast reflects on Comic Con

By Robert T. Trate     August 08, 2008

Failed costume meeting on the Big Bang Theory
© Warner Bros. TV/CBS
The Big Bang Theory is scheduled to return to CBS on September 22, 2008. An unlikely show to have a San Diego Comic Con panel, but it nonetheless had a packed house of over 2,000 die hard fans that had nothing but admiration for the show. Many questions from the audience came to Jim Parsons about his character, Sheldon. Where can we get those T-Shirts? Does he have Aspergers Syndrome (a form of Autism)? Parson’s, who seemed very much like his character, said that the shirts are supplied to him but that a site exists called which has a link to where you can buy many of them. As for the Aspergers Syndrome he stated that he never consciously played the character that way and attributes it all to Sheldon’s neuroses.
When asked what characters they would dress up as at Comic Con their answers were quick, funny and appropriate.
Kaley Cuoco: Sheldon. Wouldn’t that be great?
Johnny Galecki: I would love to see it.
Jim Parsons: Really? That’s sweet.
Johnny Galecki: Boba Fett
Kaley Cuoco: Who?
Jim Parsons: Really?
Johnny Galecki: Yeah, what am I an ass?
Jim Parsons: I always wanted to be C-3PO.
Johnny Galecki: You would make a great C-3PO.
It was as if we were watching a scene from the show, minus the geeky outfits and hair. Their chemistry played out really well and it is evident that they all share that in real life as well as on set. They were amazed about the energy and enthusiasm that exists at Comic Con, that it really is a non judgmental place to celebrate what you’re passionate about.   
Kunal Nayyar and Simon Helberg play Raj and Howard, friends of Sheldon and Leonard’s. Both characters are allowed to be more reserved and more outrageous than the leads. Nayyar admitted that Comic Con was overwhelming but at the same time it is very gratifying to have this kind of support. Simon Helberg said that greatest challenge is not to play Howard too over the top and keep everyone from not throwing up in their mouth when Howard goes too far.
Robert Trate: Do you feel that you could walk on the Comic Con floor and not get noticed?
Simon Helberg: It feels as if we would get noticed at this point. Just after today’s panel, I don’t know, they were party die hard. It would be interesting though. I do want to see what it is like down there.
Kunal Nayyar: I always thought this, if Simon was by himself walking it might be a little harder to recognize him. If the two of us were together people would recognize us a lot more. Jim is quite recognizable.
As far as favorite moments from the show go Kunal Nayyar said that his favorite was when all four of the guys were in the Flash costumes (see header picture and video).  
They were both asked who Nayyar and Helberg would line up for at Comic Con?
Simon Helberg: Elvis Costello. The Beatles, there are only two left. If they reunite I’ll line up.
Kunal Nayyar: The Lord of Rings. I am huge Lord of the Rings geek. Do they have something here?
Kunal Nayyar’s answer again illustrates that the Big Bang Theory really is about art imitating life. A show that is both fitting and funny for this world that is slowly turning over to the geeks. The Big Bang Theory is currently in reruns on CBS. It will return with new episodes on September 22nd. The first season will be released on DVD September 2nd.


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