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SDCC: First Look at Ghostbusters the Video Game

It's almost time for you to suit up!

By Robert T. Trate     August 01, 2008

The Ghostbusters will return in a Video Game Sequel
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If you could navigate the video game aisle at the San Diego Comic Con you might have had a chance to see the Ghostbusters ladies. Dressed as scantly clad versions of Egon, Stantz, Venkman and Spengler these beauties seemed as if out of some bizarre man’s fantasy. Yes, sir they were definitely a sight to be seen. The real thing to behold, however, was behind them. Somehow the Nerdvana gods have smiled upon us and given us the closest thing to a third Ghostbusters movie: a Ghostbusters video game. Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson are all back (well, their voices anyway) and they are letting us in on the adventure. 
In the story of the game the Ghostbusters have become part of the New York City’s civil services (under the direction of Walter Peck). Once again there is something big on the horizon and they have to unravel what it is before it’s too late. In a script penned by Ramis and Aykroyd, you are the newest member of the Ghostbusters and their new point man on busting ghosts. So when the call comes in you hop in the Ecto-1 with the guys and you are the first one through the door.

There will be several recognizable environments from the two films but there is plenty of new material for this unofficial sequel. You will go back and try to catch Slimer at that hotel. Plus, you’ll go after the very first ghost the guys didn’t capture at the New York Public Library. Eleanor Twitty is the ghost you are after because in her possession the Gozer Codex. With a name like that it probably means that Gozer the Gozarian is back. 

Now, as the new crew member on the Ghostbusters you have to try out all the new equipment that Egon and Ray have developed. You are the go to guy in the game and your play is based on the strategies that the other Ghostbusters come up with.
There will be mini missions in the larger missions to keep the game play moving along with the story. The game will constantly deliver either something funny or something scary throughout each level. It is a full interactive game and anything from the smallest book, table and chandelier is destructible. The game play has a look and feel realistic for the Ghostbusters Universe.
The multiple player option will be for Xbox Live and Playstation Network where you complete against each other for high score. The Wii and Playstation 2 versions will have slightly different, more stylized versions of the game. Both of those systems will have a split screen co-op version. The Nintendo DS is the only version where you can play as all four Ghostbusters based on the icon you choose. There will also be an option where you can drive around town in the Ecto-1. The big games will not have the sandbox feature to keep those games more cinematic.
Check out the official Ghostbusters the Video Game website where you can sign up for updates and more information. The release date for the game is October 2008.



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jacobjoseph 8/1/2008 3:11:07 AM
Egon and Spangler? Someone doesn't know their ghostbusters!!
wolfmanX 8/1/2008 4:42:10 AM
I will be picking this one up for PS3.
midas1108@gmail.com_home 8/1/2008 5:34:34 AM
I hope this game does in fact come out. Some were reporting this week that it wasn't, as it was missing from the Activision/Blizzard publishing schedule (along with other titles). Sierra has informed folks that it is not in fact canceled (the quote from their PR notification to "It is not cancelled and will not be canceled", however Vivendi has told various sources that the only titles they're working on are Spyro, Crash, Prototype and an unannounced title (also the game adaption of the latest Mummy flick). So unfortunately we don't know who it is that doesn't know what they're talking about. :/ It'd be a shame to whack Ghostbusters as it's getting a lot of positive buzz, and I think that it's going to do very well given what we've seen about it so far. The general feeling is that they're shopping the game around for a different publisher, so it'd just mean that Sierra would develop it and someone else would pay to put it on shelves. With this thinking then both parties would be correct. Here's hoping!
gauleyboy420 8/1/2008 10:41:25 AM
I might have to buy a PS# for this game, and Web of Shadows Damn! I thought I could make it through my adult life without playng video games. BTW where the hell are the photos of these scantily dressed Ghostbusters? And I gotta jump in on the mis name bashing band wagon...Damn fool
7thGuest 8/1/2008 1:34:48 PM
This is the game that will finally make me get off my lazy butt and buy a PS3. I was upset when I heard that they were thinking about making a Ghostbusters 3, but never got around to it. But this seems a lot better since now they can tell a whole lot more of a story with it. I heard they were doing all the major scenes from the movies, but I kind of hope they leave out the Statue of Liberty part.
Moz72 8/1/2008 4:45:16 PM
Heard on a local radio station that there was a rumor of an actual movie sequel w/ the original cast and possibly co-starring Steve Carrel and Seth Rogan. Any truth to the rumors??
themovielord 8/1/2008 4:55:50 PM
There are all kinds of rumors flying about out there about the game (due date next year, now) and a movie. The game is real (I know I plyed the first level). The movie is a dream, Murray in Ghostbusters 3 (never gonna happen)? Who knows... just keeping checking... ~ Robert
gauleyboy420 8/1/2008 8:42:34 PM
just though I'd throw this out there for any enthusiast who are jonesing for some new Ghostbusting action. There are a few fan films that are pretty good. NOT GREAT, but at least TV quality (maybe) and I've managed to sit through them both. They're not great but a cool romp if you're jonesing for some Ghostbusting. The rumors have been around for 3-4 years of a new movie installment. @ years ago Ben Stiller was rumored to be attached to a screenplay then Dan Ackroyd was saying there would be a CGI installment both of these were tenatively titled "Ghostbusters go to Hell" But the rumor was Bill Murray wouldn't do it. Sux Venkman is my favorite. Now there are many rumors that the Apatow gang might be up to the tsak with cameos from the original four handing over the franchise of Ghostbusting to new employees.. If they do it, I'M THERE!!!!! "Busting makes me feel good" First there is Freddy vs. The Ghostbiusters and there is the fan -sequel to the fan film
todd890 8/2/2008 11:19:33 AM
A ghostbuster game. Sounds interesting to me. Now as for the rumor for a third film, it should be handled with care. A new set of people, and somewhere along the line two or three or maybe one from the origanl films has a short scene with the new team. Think military type, four different groups emgering in one spot then breaking off to save the day.But the film only focuses on one of the groups, sounds better than one group doing alot of damage.
hanso 8/2/2008 4:39:38 PM
Dan said there wouldn't be a Ghostbusters 3 movie but that instead the game would be Ghostbusters 3. A new Ghostbusters movie/franchise would thus require a new cast.


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