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SDCC: Jackman Confirms Wolverine Villain

Silver Samurai will face off against Wolverine in Japan.

By Jarrod Sarafin     July 22, 2011
Source: SHH

© 20th Century Fox/Robert Trate

Despite no director being formally attached to 20th Century Fox's The Wolverine, lead star Hugh Jackman isn't shy about revealing some of the plot details from his next installment as the Marvel superhero. While at the SDCC panel exhibit for his upcoming futuristic robot tale, Real Steel, the actor revealed to the media the next villain he faces off against would be the Silver Samurai. A few more details have been unleashed as well in regards to Christopher McQuarrie's script.

The story will center on Logan beginning a forbidden romance with a Japanese woman whose hand in marriage is, unfortunately, promised to another man. Since Logan won't take "no" for an answer, it puts him into battle with her father and her samurai-sword-wielding brothers and Silver Samurai.

Jackman approved of McQuarrie's story by saying the scribe produced a "fantastic script" and the events taking place should be exciting.

The Wolverine is still in TBA status from Fox.



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raa2001 7/22/2011 4:01:43 AM

 ***Edit Alert**

you put Jackson instead of Jackman

Wiseguy 7/22/2011 5:13:05 AM

This one elicits a "no shit Sherlock" from me since we already know the movie is based on his mini in Japan

flinshadytoo 7/22/2011 6:18:03 AM

 Believe it when I see it & see it when I get the bad taste outta my mouth from the last wolverine movie. I reckon we'll see x-men first class 2 before this gets any where.

monkeyfoot 7/22/2011 6:37:19 AM

The failures of the last Wolverine movie were from using a director who did a very pedestrian, commericially oriented product. He just did the generic Hollywood factory churn-out. I hope they pick a new director who is innovative, gritty and inspired.

tallman 7/22/2011 6:53:51 AM

 How could no-one know this already? Anyway mybe just don't bother with it at all... I don't know whats wrong with me today :(

BunyonSnipe 7/22/2011 7:24:01 AM

I don't want to sound horribly racist here, but this is exactly the reason that Hugh Jackman should NOT have been cast as Logan...

Silver Samurai needs to tower over Wolverine, how many Japanese actors working today are significantly taller than Jackman?

Damn that sounds horrible, but this is not about ethinicity, Just look at Sabretooth in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, Sabre tooth should be HUUUUUGE, not slightly shorter than Logan, HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE!

Plus how does Jackman hide the claws in those skinny forearms of his?

Lsn22s 7/22/2011 7:29:07 AM

All I know is, if done correctly, the Silver Samurai would look AWESOME on-screen...and looking forward to Wolverine Vs. Shingen as well, in the comics he KO's Wolverine with no powers, just crazy skill...although I have a sneaking suspicion that lazy-ass FOX will probably just combine Shingen and SS into one character to streamline the story AND budget...sigh*...

BunyonSnipe 7/22/2011 7:33:53 AM

Well one of the upsides to Fox owning the rights to Wolverine AND daredevil is that they can use The Hand in both films...

Maybe a Jackman cameo in the DD reboot?

hanso 7/22/2011 8:02:18 AM

 Wolverine can't take "no" for an answer?  So he's a stalking rapist in The Wolverine?

acidsquall73 7/22/2011 8:33:48 AM

He's going to need something good to follow Rock-em Sock-em Robots. I usually don't judge a movie before I see it, but that one just doesn't look good at all. He's Wolverine and that's what he should be. As long as he's in another Wolverine movie, I'm there. The last one didn't disappoint me like it did a lot of people. 

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