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What went down at the MegaMind panel.

By Rob Worley     July 23, 2010

© Bob Trate

Fans who kicked off Comic-Con's Hall H experience at 10am on Thursday were treated not only to the expected movie clips from DreamWorks' new 3D animated movie Megamind, but also to a hilarious improv comedy experience provided by the film's cast.
Director Tim McGrath took the stage first making the usual diplomatic statements about how excited DreamWorks is to be doing their first superhero movie, and how great it is to be at comic-Con. In particular McGrath loves seeing people in their costumes, and most especially in good Villain garb.
Cue leading man Will Ferrell to take the stage, decked out head-to-toe in an ill-fitting leather and sequined jumpsuit replicating the one worn by his villainous character Megamind. Ferrell blinked through blue face paint with a giant blue beach ball strapped to the top of his head. Even better he showed up with breakfast for the crowd, albeit severely underestimating how far 6 donuts would go in the auditorium which seats some 10,00 fans.
"The first rule of Comic-Con is to show up in costume," Ferrell said, "and I can see, as I look at the Hall, not a lot of people in costumes."
Next up Tina Fey took the stage.
"What up, Comic-Con," Fey shouted, whipping the crowd up before adding, "I've got breakfast for everybody!"
Her enthusiasm dampened quickly, "Oh, it's a lot more people.”
Ferrell added empathy, "It's a lot more people."
"I don't want to be a jerk, but I bought these with my own money," Fey went on. "So if I could get, like, one hundredth of a penny from everybody looky..."
After sorting out money and breakfast issues, Jonah Hill took the stage, commenting on Ferrell's attire. Ferrell expressed dismay that the others didn't dress up.
"I did, because my character is a normal person," Fey said.
"I feel a little bit like a turd up here," Ferrell said, dejected.
"It's one of those situations where you feel uncomfortable for the person you're looking at, " Hill said. "I don't want to make fun of you or anything. I just feel bad."
McGrath then rolled five minutes from the movie in 3D for the crowd, featuring some scenes we've seen from the trailer, including Metro Man (Brad Pitt) greeting Metro City as MegaMind (Ferrell) seeds his trap using the reporter Roxy (Fey). This lures Metro Man into a trap in which he's blatted by a sun-powered laser and killed!
MegaMind, having realized his ultimate goal has no idea what comes next, and quickly finds himself getting bored with his villainy going unchallenged. But soon, a new hero emerges.
The crowd seemed to enjoy the footage, after which McGrath introduced Brad Pitt, who did not take the stage. Instead Hill retrieved a cardboard standee of Pitt to take his place.
McGrath very earnestly talked about the themes of the movie, of the roles of hero/villain, good/evil and the question of whether the characters are fated to their roles, or fill them through the choices they make. Is it nature or nurture?
Moderator Drew McWeeny pointed out the notion of the "nemesis" which is integral to the movie and asked the actors who their Hollywood nemeses might be.
Hill gave the best answer revealing, "Mel Gibson's girlfriend. I just want to come out officially and support, Mel."
He then stormed off the stage, punching the Brad Pitt standee in the face and flipping off the crowd on his way out.
"It's going to be awkward when he comes back," Fey noted. "Everyone be cool when he comes back."
McWeeny asked the remaining actors if it was the first time they'd seen the 3D version of the film.
"Yeah, but I didn't have glasses on so I think it looks screwed up," Fey said. "I don't think you did it right, Tom."
Ferrell on the other hand was very impressed. "I didn't have glasses on either but I was still able to see the effect because I huffed so much paint when spraying my face in the bathroom, so the effect was actually triple what you guys saw."
Hill came back on stage and admitted that he had been given a transcription of Gibson's tirade and wanted to take back his support. "I feel guilty. I only support a quarter of the things he was talking about," Hill said. "I do think the Jews killed Jesus. That's a fact. That's
not about Mel or anything. That's just true."
After the uproar from the audience, McGrath and the actors talked a bit about the creative process followed by questions from the audience, the first few being planted fans doing some mildly funny stunts. McGrath talked a bit about the 3D process and how its used as storytelling device. Fey and Hill both admitted to being superhero and comic book fans.
"By the way, can I just say one thing?" Ferrell interrupted. "My face is on fire right now. If you're going to do this at home, don't do it with a can of spray paint."
And with that the panel came to a close, leaving thousands of fans ready to see Megamind when it opens in theaters November 5th



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Thorn 7/23/2010 5:31:55 PM


littlemikey979 7/23/2010 5:32:33 PM

Of course Brad Pitt wouldn't show up. Sounds like the fans who showed up had a good time. I bet it was hilarious to watch. Still not sure if I am going to go see this or not.

Keep the reports coming for those of us poor saps who couldn't make it this year.

Miner49er 7/23/2010 5:51:46 PM

Wake me when Anchorman 2 hits theaters.



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