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SDCC: Robert Rodriguez Talks Future

Promoting Shorts, Robert talks Sin City 2 and Predators.

By Ken Pasini     July 25, 2009

An Animated Robert Rodriguez at the 2009 SDCC
© Ken Pasini


SDCC Attendees patiently braving the long line winding back from room 6DE, is a testimonial of the reverence they all shared for the anticipated speaker, Robert Rodriquez. Once fans found their seats, Rodriquez took the stage to thunderous applause. He seemed quite bashful at first, focusing on the movie he was there to promote, ‘Shorts’. He intermixed this with his approach to filmmaking, and the joy of doing family friendly movies with his kids. It was apparent early on that he truly loves what he does. He revels in playing with his kids and being the enabling mechanism for exploring their imagination. From this comes his growing portfolio of Family Friendly Films, all of which incorporate his kids in some way.
This reporter had the opportunity to grab the first question during the Q & A segment. I gave him sincere props for his commitment to connecting with his audience and fan base, through his incomparable DVD extras, including 10 minute cooking school. He humbly thanked me for the compliment, and excitedly shared that his next one (to appear on the combined Grind House DVD release) will be the best yet. He hinted that it will focus on BBQ! I asked if he could share with us some of his next projects, possibly touching on the recently announced ‘Predators’ and ‘Sin City 2‘.
He said that indeed, they were getting ready to start working on Predators. He had approached the studio about 15 years ago to pitch a concept for reviving the franchise. Since then, two Predator movies have been made, both of which were joint ‘Predator / Alien’ vehicles. FOX was not all that happy with the direction these have taken, or the return on their investment in those two films. They remembered the treatment Rodriquez had made several years prior, and contacted him to ask if he would like to develop the reboot. He was given complete creative control, and is confident that he will be able to deliver a ’very cool’ movie under budget and on time (both Rodriquez trademarks). Production will begin in a few short months.
He next talked about another movie property about to lens at Troublemaker Studios, ‘Machete‘. This garnered a zealous reaction from the audience, obviously eagerly anticipating this announcement. Machete will star Danny Trejo, in his first lead role, and is based on the fake movie trailer included on the original ‘Grind House’ DVD release. Rodriguez shared that he actually wrote the script back in 1993, when he first cast Danny in Desperado.
Lastly, he indicated that with ‘Predators’ and ‘Machete’ slated to begin production this year, ‘Sin City 2’ will have to be pushed back into 2010.
Robert Rodriguez is truly a unique film maker, having developed his own studio (Trouble Maker Studios, which began in his home garage, and has since grown from there). He has never contracted work in this state-of-the-art complex for any movies that he himself has not produced (despite numerous requests). His maverick approach to film making, creativity, and ability to function in so many roles in his productions (writer, director, editor, special effects, sound effects, soundtrack, etc.) sets him far apart from virtually any other film maker today or in the past. Mania waits in anticipation for his next projects coming in 2010.


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Wiseguy 7/25/2009 8:10:55 AM

Like RR and most of his works. His kid movies don't work for me but then again I'm not his target audience there. Definitely looking forward to Machete and Predator and hope he's heavily involved in the latter if he's not directing

Hobbs 7/25/2009 8:15:28 AM

Ken, you should have asked him why he decided not to direct Predators himself. 

Poindexter 7/25/2009 9:03:07 AM

Thanks Ken, great reporting and very informative.  Look forward to more convention articles.

hanso 7/25/2009 12:31:03 PM

Wiseguy and Danny Trejo, the only people waiting for a Machete movie.

monstermaniac 7/26/2009 2:26:15 AM

Someone should have asked him about his supposed "Jetsons" movie.

kimbroo 7/27/2009 6:29:04 AM

Hanso, you crack me up.  The machete movie does seem to be a bit nutty.  Rodriguez has done some great stuff.  He's done what is probably the best of the teenage horror craze around the turn of the century (The Faculty) and he does have a certain flair for making awesome movies that fit into several genre's in a mind-blowing and sometimes off-putting manner (From Dusk Til Dawn).  His kids movies aren't my thing but the audience for which they are made seem to love them.  The man knows what he is doing and has a passion for genre filmmaking. 



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