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SDCC: Star Wars Spectacular Panel

Or the Star Wars Infomercial

By Robert T. Trate     July 25, 2009

Star Wars Spectacular Panel
© Robert Trate

Let us get one thing very clear. I love Star Wars. I hold it very dear and consider it to be one of the most sacred parts of my childhood. There are many of you who feel the exact same way, so when I call the Star Wars Spectacular an infomercial, this is my honest opinion of what I saw that day. It is not a rant or bitch about George Lucas and the quality of his last three films.

At the start of the panel, the item which was completely refreshing was that uber-collector and super-fan Steven Sansweet barely spoke at all. Usually he drowns on with a completely rehearsed sales pitch about how great and wonderful everything looks. What we were given instead was C3PO himself, Anthony Daniels, selling us on the next big thing for Star Wars.

No it was not the Blu-ray release date or when Star Wars will arrive in 3D. Instead, what we saw was Star War in Concert. It looked amazing with scenes played out from the complete saga as a full orchestra played out the score. It was missing one thing that would make it worth seeing, John Williams. How can you have a Star Wars concert without the Maestro himself conducting?

The infomercial really took off (not really) as Attack of the Shows' Olivia Munn and Kevinn Pereira took the stage. Yes, Munn looked incredibly hot in her sexy Princess Leia costume from episode 4. However, her poor acting and fake excitement further killed the mood. Thus far Munn's outfitt was the highlight of the panel until supervising producer Dave Filoni came out and spoke about the second season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

At the end of last season the show really took off as the Bounty Hunters came onto the scene. Filoni teased us with subtle images of a young Boba Fett. He also assured us that fellow bounty hunter Bossk will appear and do more than just wiggle his toes in season 2. Dave then premiered the new trailer for season 2 and I have just one word for all you Star Wars maniacs on that. Mandalorians! If you are tuning in for the live Star Wars segment on G4 on Saturday, that footage is worth it.

Matt Schell for Lucas Arts spoke about a few of the new games that will be arriving in the fall. Star Wars: The Old Republic is their new MMO that will take place a 1000 years before Darth Vader's rise to power. Schell did not have footage to display but promised it will take the MMO genre in a new direction. What he did put on the giant screens in Hall H was the new extended levels coming of the Star Wars: The Force Unleased, which was leaked online already.  It is mostly the same game as before but now it will be called Star Wars: The Force Unleased: Ultimate Sith Edition. It asks the question: What it the Sith won? There are several new levels as well as downloadable content for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. The game will finally be out for the MAC and the PC as well.

Tune into the G4 Live broadcast for the Clone Wars season 2 footage. That alone is worth setting up your DVR for. If you were a fan of Unleased then you'll want to see exactly who your new oppnents will be in the Ultimate Sith Edition. It does appears as if Lucasfilm may have fixed, at least, the length of the game. The visuals were incedible but it was squaring off against old Obi-Wan that made me want to play it all over again.


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Riddick316 7/25/2009 5:26:31 PM

Yawnnnnnnnn..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  enough said!

hanso 7/25/2009 6:29:32 PM

Great, Lucas is not only ripping off the movie loving crowd by giving them multiple editions of the same shit now he's venturing into ripping off the game loving crowd as well.

Lucas you bearded bastard!!!

tholo 7/25/2009 7:58:50 PM

After the prequeals , I am so tired of Star Wars. I am a Browncoat through and through!

Malcolm Reynolds KICKS ASS!!!!


Hollywood wake up and make Serenity 2!!!!!


mosgza 7/25/2009 9:52:19 PM

 I'll ignore everything else and just think of Munn.  Mmmmmmm... Munn.

xpaladinx45 7/26/2009 6:35:49 AM

games arriving in the fall?  with mention of The Old Republic?  does that wording mean what i think it does?  that i shall finally escape the land of warcraft later this year????? :O

avidfan 7/26/2009 11:56:34 AM

No thanks George...

djcgmcse 7/26/2009 12:51:29 PM

Whatever happened that live action star wars TV show that was supposed to be coming up?  Nothing on that at all?

SuperHeroX_home 7/26/2009 5:45:58 PM

i am sick of the star wars bashing none of of you are or were ever true fans you're all possers  a true fan loves star wars in all it's forums

and then there's all the bitching a moaning about how you want a new look a new take on a old series but when you get it you bitch more  maybe rob zombie's halloween wasn't perfect  but before it came out you were all saying it needed a reboot cus you didn't like the thorn cult story line in the old flims

and that Olivia Munn chick  is skanky brutal bottum feeding trash bag hoses beast  she's a posser just like the rest of you on this site 

Superpool 7/26/2009 6:06:47 PM

Someones had too much orange juice...

SuperHeroX_home 7/26/2009 10:35:22 PM

what the hell does too much orange juice hafta do with it

and hanso should go make out with a gun barral cus u're the worst of all of em pissing on movies before you even see the final product  so go choc on a bullet

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