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SDCC 2012: Walking Dead Escape

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SDCC 2012: Walking Dead Escape

All to celebrate the 100 issue

By Robert T. Trate     May 16, 2012
Source: Daily Dead

Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic is coming to AMC
© Bob Trate
Our first little bit of San Diego Comic Con news comes from The Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman, the creator/writer of The Walking Dead comic book series and graphic novels and announce their first event, The Walking Dead Escape: San Diego. In conjunction with the release of the Eisner Award-winning The Walking Dead Issue #100 at San Diego Comic-Con, the event takes place July 12 -15 at Petco Park, centrally located near the San Diego Convention Center. Registration is now open at TheWalkingDeadEscape.Com. There are three ways to participate in this epic adventure. Participants can be a Survivor and race through the zombie infested evacuation zone; a Walker who becomes one of the undead, embracing the inevitable; or a Spectator who watches the apocalypse from sidelines at the Escape Party.
The Walking Dead Escape: San Diego is unlike any obstacle course event in the U.S., expanding on the best-selling The Walking Dead comic book series and graphic novel storylines, allowing Survivors and Walkers to explore the initial days of the apocalypse.
“Our fans have been reading about it, watching it and now they get to live it with The Walking Dead Escape,” said Robert Kirkman. “We are literally transforming Petco Park into the early days of society’s collapse and San Diego is just the first city to fall.”
Survivors will climb, crawl and slide in an effort to avoid confrontation by hordes of Walkers, while achieving the ultimate adventure on The Walking Dead-themed obstacle course. The Walking Dead Escape is not a race, and Survivors are not timed, but the end is near, and they must move swiftly. If they’re lucky, Survivors will reach the decontamination zone at the end where it will be determined if they have been infected.
Whether taking part in the event as a Survivor, Walker or Spectator, participants will be amazed at the interactive displays and The Walking Dead references along the course. Early registration is strongly recommended, as walk-ups may not be available on event day. This summer, The Walking Dead will be taking over Petco Park and fans will have a front row seat to the real-life action event of a lifetime.

Tickets are limited, and with this taking place during Comic-Con, it will sell out. For more information and to purchase a ticket for yourself, visit: 


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iceknight52 5/16/2012 10:39:16 AM

Hands down one of the best marketing ideas to date!! Wish I could attend.

mtaffer 5/16/2012 11:28:59 AM

So cool, now that i'm over my fear of flying I should attend one of these.

Hobbs 5/16/2012 12:46:46 PM

Things like this is what keeps bringing people back.

RobertTrate 5/16/2012 1:17:13 PM

 the drive is awesome (across the country) mtaffer

dalgoda 5/16/2012 3:21:24 PM

Damn, I think I may sign up for this.

MaLarrya 5/16/2012 4:05:25 PM

Signed up to be a walker! It would be so awesome to have the intership crew they hire to do makeup make me look better.

Miner49er 5/16/2012 4:53:17 PM

SDCC gets bigger every year. Glad we got a Con here in Calgary, but it's getting bigger too. This year's was crazy with the whole Star Trek TNG cast attending. Long lines every where.

DarthoftheDead 5/17/2012 8:13:17 AM

I must get to SDCC one of these days........sigh.......

OmegaDean 5/18/2012 1:04:10 PM

That would be awesome.  Not sure if i want to be a walker or a survivor 

DarthoftheDead 5/18/2012 1:16:15 PM

I would be a walker, lol!



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