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Sean Penn turned down role as the Joker

By Karl Schneider     August 28, 2006

Sean Penn stars in I AM SAM
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According to Batman-on-Film, Sean Penn was actually offered the role of the Joker in the upcoming sequel to BATMAN BEGINS. Penn, a little bit older than Brokeback Mountain star Ledger, which is interesting considering they're doing a young 'Joker' storyline, reportedly nixed the part. You may remember Christian Bale [drunkenly] revealed that the filmmakers were chasing Penn for the role at one point. It's not for Sean though, it seems.

Talking about the Joker with, Nolan recently had the following exchange:

Horowitz: I take it [the Joker] will be less Cesar Romero and Jack Nicholson than the Joker we saw portrayed in a comic like The Killing Joke?

Nolan: Yes. I would certainly point to The Killing Joke but I also would point very much to the first two appearances of the Joker in the comic. If you look at where the Joker comes from there's a very clear direction that fits what we're doing very well.

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mckracken 8/28/2006 2:30:43 AM
Sean Penn is busy with Fast Times and Ridgemont High 2: Spicoli Returns so he cant be bothered with any of the newer Batman flicks. [only kidding.]
strarscream713 8/28/2006 2:38:11 AM
Sean Penn? never crossed my mind, he would be considered...figures he would turn it down...I just dont see this as his type of movies....Spicoli Rules!!!
strarscream713 8/28/2006 3:40:54 AM
tkay42one you are right about del toro in Sin City..I remember that scene..He is lanky enough to be the Joker............
madmanic999 8/28/2006 4:35:59 AM
This would have been a very strong choice had he taken it... I am really interested to see how Ledger will portray this role. He will be under the microscope, as the Joker is THE comic villain, and everyone will have different ideas of how he should be played.... my vote is for the mentally ill Killing Joke version.
thelastonelives 8/28/2006 7:46:24 AM
Yeah, I am not that big a fan of Ledger as Joker, but Penn. Hell no! He's got chops, but not the right ones. Any day of the week I would take Ledger over Penn. Even though i was watching my BTTF trilogy the other day and I remember somebody mentioning Crispin Glover, and that makes more sense than Penn.
hanso 8/28/2006 12:17:29 PM
Sean Penn? Great actor would've been a good Joker in my opinion but I'm glad he's not doing it, he seems to old for the role if they are rebooting the franchise. Ledger will be good in the role, Nolan's casting for the last Batman was awesome, except of course for Mrs. Cruise. I hope they actually get Phillip Seymour Hoffman for the Penguin role, that would be sweet. Another thing, I hope the rumors of Josh Lucas as Two face never ever come true! That guy is one bomb away from being in the Surreal Life. P.S. The Dark Knight in 08 baby!
almostunbiased 8/28/2006 2:36:50 PM
"Those guys are fags." That was my favorite spicoli line. That movie was a riot.
nikodemos 8/28/2006 5:08:03 PM
Edward Norton could have been a great Joker, I agree... but Ledger is the one who has been cast, and I think he can pull it off. If he drops out for some reason, Norton should definitely be in the running. And, I just have to get one thing off my chest: CRISPIN GLOVER SUCKS!
cocaine 8/28/2006 5:17:08 PM
Wait, I thought that the character in "Mystic River" and "I am Sam" were the same?
brutalhonesty 8/29/2006 12:25:44 AM
I guess Penn's too busy cheerleading for genocial dictators...
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