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Secret Invasion: Implications and Musings

Kurt's thoughts on new Secret Invasion series.

By Kurt Amacker     April 09, 2008

© Marvel

Greetings, and welcome to another edition of’s Comicscape. Before reading this week’s column about Marvel’s Secret Invasion, know that the issue is spoiled down to the last detail. If you haven’t read it yet, then skip to the listings below.

The first issue of Secret Invasion, Marvel’s summer crossover, hit comic shops last week. As expected, the first run quickly sold out through Diamond, the main distributor for comic books to the direct market—that is, comic shops as opposed to newsstands or other retailers. A second printing has already been announced. The series stands as the culmination of several years’ worth of storytelling from the publisher, much of it by its favorite son, Brian Michael Bendis. The events of New Avengers, House of M, Annihilation, Civil War, and Illuminati all portend a Skrull invasion, culminating in the death of the ninja assassin Elektra Natchios in New Avengers #31. Anyone that ever complained that Matt Murdock’s former love should’ve stayed dead effectively got their wish. After Maya Lopez—otherwise known as Echo—stabbed Elektra to death, her body returned to the form of the Skrull that had replaced her. Following that revelation, Marvel teased the coming Skrull invasion for a few months, before unleashing hell in the first issue of Secret Invasion—again written by Bendis, with art by Leinil Yu.

In the opening issue, Bendis reveals a handful of Skrull imposters, including S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Dum Dum Dugan, Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four, Hank Pym, and Edwin Jarvis—the Avengers’ butler. When a Skrull ship crash-lands in the Savage Land, the rogue Secret Avengers highjack their legitimate counterparts’ Quinjet to investigate. The Initiative-approved Avengers pursue them there, where the teams stand face-to-face at the crash site. As the two argue, the Skrull imposters unleash an alien virus that takes out the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, the S.W.O.R.D. Peak—its satellite headquarters, the Fantastic Four’s Baxter Building, and Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor. Hank Pym also blows Reed Richards into a stringy, rubbery mass. At each act of destruction, the revealed Skrull imposter utters, “He loves you.” Needless to say, things aren’t looking up for the Marvel Universe. But, the issue’s end proves most intriguing for its everything-will-change twist: when the downed Skrull ship opens, a squad of Marvel heroes in their 1970s and ‘80s costumes emerges, with many of the modern-day counterparts standing before them on either Avengers team. Among them stand Thor, Spider Man, Luke Cage, Wolverine, the Vision, the Scarlet Witch, and Jewel—the superhero identity of Jessica Jones, Cage’s wife. 

It should be noted, first and foremost, that the long buildup to Secret Invasion highlights one of the great difficulties of comic book criticism. With each instance of a perceived continuity error, wild mischaracterization, or questionable plot point—accusations regularly hurled at Bendis—readers and editorialists will cry foul. They will cry foul, presumably, until a future issue resolves the problem. American comic books hit stores in short installments, and no reader will patiently withhold judgment until a story arc concludes. They’ll have even less patience for three years worth of stories that cross the Marvel Universe. That puts writers and publishers in an awkward position, where they must beg fans to “wait and see,” and do so without revealing too much by saying so. It stands as a shortcoming of the serialized format, and one not likely resolved anytime soon. Remember, dear readers, to have patience. However, that plea for patience comes with limitations. While the effort and coordination required to build to something like Secret Invasion should duly impress everyone, it comes off as over-inflated and too big for its own good. The back of the first issue mentions just a few of the numerous hints and related plot points spread through the Marvel Universe over the past few years. While Secret Invasion will no doubt stand on its own merits, the buildup leaves many readers with ostensibly independent stories that, we learn now, have dangling plot threads. You may not have liked House of M, but that thing about it you hated was for a reason that will only be resolved now, three years later. 

The implications of the end of the first issue hint at answers—perhaps misleadingly—to many of the complaints about the Marvel Universe from the past few years—many of them directed at Bendis. In fact, the cast that emerged from that ship stands as a “who’s who” of fanboy ire. Consider the following possibilities. The Scarlet Witch never went insane. Jessica Jones never appeared in the 1970s—as her retconned story suggests—because she was gone. Wolverine never turned into a brooding psychopath. Spider-Man never made a deal with Mephisto to save Aunt May and reset his life. Iron Man never became a neoconservative. Luke Cage never lost that awesome metal headband. Hawkeye, Thor, and Captain America never died. All of them were replaced by Skrulls, thus explaining away nearly everything that readers have complained about en masse over the past several years. 

The conclusion of the first issue of Secret Invasion presents readers with three possibilities, easily summed up as all, none, or some. The first suggests that all of the heroes on the downed craft are the original, authentic versions, and several prominent Marvel heroes were replaced years ago by Skrulls. The second indicates that the emerged heroes are themselves Skrulls, and that the opposing teams of Avengers—and the other absent heroes—are the real ones. The third points to a mixture of the two—some of the recently arrived heroes are Skrulls, as are some of those that have been with us this entire time. How they ended up in their respective positions remains to be seen. 

With the first possibility, we have the mother of all retcons. A fix for practically everything anyone hasn’t liked about Marvel in the past few years emerged from that ship. Every mischaracterization, continuity error, and out-of-left-field plot point has been the result of the Skrull invasion. If Marvel speaks the truth, then everything readers have ever complained about has had a purpose, which will stand revealed over the next eight months. This seems both convenient and unlikely. It would undermine years’ worth of storytelling. Fans would feel slighted in the same way they did after Spider-Man’s One More Day story. “Never mind, it didn’t happen” rarely goes over well. Despite the litany of issues this might fix, the ends might not justify the means. In the minds of a lot of readers, Marvel has wandered away from their childhood memories and out into left field. This might indicate a return to a more innocent tone in line with Bronze Age storytelling, but don’t bet on it. It seems more likely that Marvel wants readers to assume that the new heroes indicate a massive in-story retcon is coming, only to reveal something else entirely.

In the second possibility, we have a more natural—if still somewhat unlikely—story. Marvel and Bendis think readers will fall for the idea that they will address several complaints with Secret Invasion. But, the story will reveal that the downed Skrull craft contains, in fact, Skrulls impersonating heroes. Their reasons for appearing as the characters’ Bronze Age counterparts remain unrevealed, but it stands as a red herring meant to stir up message boards and raise sales. It seems unlikely, though, that Marvel and Bendis would tease such a story and then completely abandon the idea.

The third possibility seems the most likely: some of the heroes on the ground are Skrulls, as are some of those that emerged from the downed craft. The logistics of this remain as yet unexplained, but the deftness with which the creators unravel them will define the story. Consider that things will never really change at Marvel. Every crossover purports to take its Universe into new and uncharted directions, only to reset once it has wandered too far into left field. The comic book characters must bear some resemblance to their counterparts in licensed media. One More Day proved that in spades. But, Marvel can only carry a retcon so far before it loses credibility. Then again, refer back to One More Day. It seems like a compromise of sorts lurks on the horizon, and readers can only wait to see how it unfolds. Who can you trust? Wait and see. But remember that in the end, nothing really changes for very long. 

By all means, enjoy Secret Invasion. It will set the tone for the next few years’ worth of storytelling at Marvel. The first issue plays out well enough, roaring forward with action like a car with no brakes, culminating in an admittedly unexpected twist. Leinil Yu provides some nice art that brings a level of grit and nastiness to a story that suggests something sleeker and more commercial. But ultimately, Marvel has to keep its stories and characters alive to make money. No one should begrudge them that, because otherwise they’d be in the business of releasing self-contained graphic novels, a la Top Shelf or any number of other independent publishers. The real mystery remains in how much of the past three years’ worth of stories will stand on their own after Secret Invasion concludes. If Marvel and Bendis can’t write their way out of that one, they may lose readers who don’t appreciate having the wool pulled over their eyes. 

The Spinner Rack

By Ben Johnson and Kurt Amacker


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AzuLTaLoN 4/9/2008 2:40:43 AM
secret invasion holds a lot of promise and just as much potential for fucking over the fans again. kurt i'm not so sure that sue storm is a skrull impostor it appeared to me more like a skrull took the form of sue in order to accomplish its mission, torch thought sue was in canada and the skrull never used invisibility. as for the ship, it must be a mixture of real and skrull the other two options just suck. for my money i would love for it to be the real scarlet witch coming off the ship, she could restore all the mutants and when you think about it what makes a planet more ripe for invasion than losing about a million super powered beings. the same could be done with iron man and cap, although that does leave the question of why the skrull caps body didn't revert back to skrull form but i'm sure they could come up with something. thor and wolvie have to be skrulls cause that just fucks up their continuity too much, i mean a skrull with the odin power(now thor power) is just remedial and all wolvie has been through to make him a skrull this whole time is just retarded. also jean grey better be a skrull coming off that ship cause skrulls mimicking powers is fine but the power of the phoenix? i don't buy it(besides as most of us already suspect jean is a baby right now being cared for by cable in the future) and the same could be said for thor oh wait i kinda said that already. as for the rest i think those could be explained and retconned away and i wouldn't mind. i'd like to think that this has been planned from the beginning with avengers disassembled and house of m but i just can't give marvel the credit of that kinda of foresight, not with queffsada at the helm. but this is them trying to make up for all the bullshit they have been shoveling onto the shelves.
ponyboy76 4/9/2008 5:07:12 AM
Man, you know when you have so much to say about a topic after reading something that your eyes start to water? Well, that is how I feel. The thing is Kurt pretty much said everything I wanted to comment about, so this will be alot shorter than I expected. Great article yet again, Kurt! AzulTalon, I couldn`t agree with you more about how I just can`t give Marvel that much credit to think that this whole giant scheme was planned from Day 1. I honestly think that partly this has to do with the fact that Marvel has essentially fucked up so many of their major titles that they would be doing retconns till the Rapture and still couldn`t fix things so they came up with this Secret Invasion. It probably went something like this: "Okay guys well, Marvel is in a state. We don`t have any mutants, Wolverine is a raving lunatic. We killed off Cap, Iron Man is a turd and we just raped 20 years of Spiderman continuity! What do we do? Hmm, think guys! There has to be someone else we can blame this on so we can get sales back up. Wait... wait an effin minute! I got it! Let`s blame the Skrulls! Bingo!" I really don`t like any of the 3 options. I want Spidey and the rest back the way they were but no matter how they did it, it would just come off as yet another slap in the face to the fans.
jon1171 4/9/2008 5:52:42 AM
I don't comment much if ever out here but I'd like to toss this out for speculation - what if the heros on the ship are returning from Secret Wars?
evilron 4/9/2008 6:21:10 AM
Great idea, unfortunately Luke Cage and Jewel weren't in Secret Wars. Though something like that could be easily explained. If this is indeed a major retcon, I'll be one of the first back reading Marvel. I just can't see Quesada having any where near the brains to have okayed something that cool.
jedibanner 4/9/2008 6:43:20 AM
To think that MArvel would ''undo'' everything by just saying everyone in the ship is the ''real'' heroes would be even worse then that OMD mess with SM. I do believe Marvel has planned this since day one because Bendis is good into planning ahead. Many of you might not liked what he's done but, in the end, some do like what he's written and what he's prepered sinde the beginning. Secret Invasion is very very well written and I can't wait to read more about it. In the end's just comics, unfortuantly we might not like what the companies do with our favorite characters but we are not the ones writting them, we can only discuss about them.
ponyboy76 4/9/2008 7:03:05 AM
Jon, that would be a cool idea. How crazy would that be? Talk about thinking ahead. I like Bendis. I mean he writes well. I just don`t like what he and others do with alot of the characters. Turning Tony Stark into a bigger douche than Dick Cheney in Civil War was a monumental feat. Like Jedi said, we don`t write about the characters but I can still bitch about it.
joeybaloney 4/9/2008 9:42:18 AM
DAMMIT! Do I pick this up and cross my fingers or stick to my guns and avoid all Marvel until Quesada’s ouster? I really like Bendis. Spider-man came off that damn ship?!?!?!? Man! If they try to say MJ married a Skull that’s a cop out. Were these supposed to be sleepers with no knowledge of their true heritage? Would a Skrull have retired to start a family and let the clone of the actual Spidey replace him? Wouldn’t Mephisto have known he was dealing with an alien soul and not a human? Why would a Skrull give two shits about Aunt May dyin’? Arrrgh! Mutha Puss Bucket!!!
joeybaloney 4/9/2008 9:44:22 AM
joeybaloney 4/9/2008 9:45:45 AM
Nice column Kurt! Damn you.
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