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'Secrets of the Seven Sounds' feature coming from Virgin Comics

By Rob M. Worley     October 10, 2006
Source: www.comicon.com

Kahani World, Inc. an independent animation company based in Toronto, Canada and Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Comics, LLC have teamed up to co-produce Secrets of the Seven Sounds, a full length animated feature for kids 7 and up, inspired by the ancient Indian myth Ramayana.In addition to action, adventure and fantasy, Secrets of the Seven Sounds challenges tradition by asking us to consider what it might really be like to be the little brother of the Chosen One? Seven Sounds tells the story of the handsome, naturally gifted, and love-struck Prince Ram who destiny has chosen to rescue Princess Sita (the object of his affections) and save the world from the villainous Lord Ravan. But the real hero of Seven Sounds is of course, Lux - Prince Ram's 11 year-old little brother - the family's insightful and often-overlooked intrepid fighter. More...


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