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Sega to unveil new title at SPACEWORLD

Industry buzzing over prospect

By James Stevenson     August 14, 2001
Source: IGN

Phantasy Star Online 2
© 2001 Sega

Sonic Team, Sega's famous game development group, revealed today on its website that it will unveil a secret game at Nintendo's SPACEWORLD show.

At this point, Sega is planning on showing two Game Boy Advance games at the show, and an updated version of PHANTASY STAR ONLINE for GameCube. PHANTASY STAR ONLINE is also said to feature two new character classes, both of which will be unveiled at the show.

Sonic Team refused to reveal the fourth game and only showed a blurred screenshot. It appears the screen is not in the aspect ratio of the Game Boy Advance, and some believe that this means it is indeed a title for the GameCube.

SPACEWORLD begins later this week.


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