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Segan Still Pursuing Vachss' Cross

By Rob M. Worley     February 20, 2002

Although themovie version of Andrew Vachss' mercenarycharacter Cross is stuck in development hell, producer Lloyd Segan(Bones) told Comics2Film that he is still actively pursuingit as a project.

Greg Widen (Highlander,The Prophecy) has long been attached to writer and direct themovie, "Greg wrote a terrific draft for New Line Cinema," Segantold C2F.

However, theproject has met with a number of hurtles. Cross was primarily afavorite project of New Line's then-president Michael DeLuca. When Deluca partedways with New Line, the project fell into limbo.

Another stickingpoint is the tone of the story. "Quite honestly it's a dark piece,"Segan said. "As a result, it's not something that is naturally a commercialvehicle. It is a potential franchise, which is I why I think it still has alife."

Crossfocuses on a "family" of mercenaries held together by their own pain,hatred and deep sense of disenfranchisement. The characters and concepts of Crossoriginated in Vachss' short stories but also appeared in comics published byDark Horse. The limited series Cross touched on the formation ofthe group while Predator: Race War had the mercenary leaderbattling the space hunters in a prison.

According toSegan, Vachss remains involved with the development effort. "I've beeninvolved with Andrew for a long time in terms of his other literary work andbook series. Nothing happens with out his direct approval," Segan said of Cross."All of it's being done with his blessing, which is the only way one can goforward when dealing with Andrew's work."

Segan iscurrently pursuing financing on the project. "It's a terrific piece and Ithink one of these days we'll get it made."

Segan told ushe's interested in much of Vachss' work, including other concepts that haveshown up in comic book form. One such title is Underground, whichwas also published by Dark Horse Comics.

In the mean timeSegan is focused on his upcoming TV series The Dead Zone. The showis based on Stephen King's novel of the same name. It stars Anthony Michael Hall(Pirates of Silicon Valley) as a man who wakes up from a coma andfinds he as psychic abilities.

The DeadZone premieres June 16th on USA Network.


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