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Self Talks Sub-Mariner

By Michael Mason     July 09, 2002

SCIFI Wire recently sat down with David Self and got an update on the writer'splans for the Sub-Mariner movie. While Self couldn't talk aboutthe specifics of the project he was able to give the general drift of it.

"It's a totally different project, because I don't have a specific storyline to adapt," Self said in an interview. "I just have sort of a mythology of Namor and some incidences, some characters that come and go during Namor's life. I have a much freer hand to create a different, new story. But I'm also not being handed a great, exciting moment or concept or story, so I've got to do my own legwork, so to speak. For me, I saw a unique story I could do with it and take off from Sub-Mariner to make a different type of new comic book movie."

Self also said, "People don't know Namor as well as they know other Marvel heroes, and I think it's an identity story, so that's well-suited to an origin story. That's how we plan that project in general terms. It's definitely a challenge to decide how to approach it. You have obligations to bring the audience up to speed with the character. There's different ways to go about doing that."

Self came onboard the undersea project last April.


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