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Senator Kelly Filibusters

By Dave Richards     November 08, 2002

Inthe first X-Men film Senator Robert Kelly learned a lesson in tolerancethat ultimately cost him his life. Or did it? At the end of the film itappears that Kelly lives on, as a guise of the mutant shape shifter Mystique.TrekWeb recently talked to Bruce Davison, the man who brought Kelly tolife about his roles in an upcoming Enterprise episode, X-Men,and the sequel X-Men 2.

Like most cast members ofX2, Davison was only able to offer cryptic hints about his character'srole in the sequel. When asked if he's actually playing Senator Kelly orMystique playing Senator Kelly, Davison hinted, "She was playing Kellyin the end of the last movie. I'm not allowed to talk about that! But yes,I am in it and I'm feeling rather blue."

Feeling blue is somethingDavison didn't really care for in the first X-Men film. When askedabout the prosthetic makeup involved for his melting scenes, Davison said,"Oh, a lot of that is CGI and rubber heads to squeeze through bars. Butthere was some prosthetics, yes, and a lot of blue veins. I remember onepretty horrible day when there were five hours of blue veins and goo andeverything else, coming back to the trailer and washing it out, and havingthe AD stick his head in and say, 'You didn't wash yet, did you? We hadbad light in one of those shots.' That was the day from hell. "

One thing Davison did likeabout working on the X-Men films is working with Patrick Stewart. He said, "I adore Patrick. One of my favorite all-time memories is a lotof the X-Men sitting on bar stools learning photon torpedo acting fromPatrick, who would say, 'One through ten. Now, one is a little nudge; ten,you fly across the room.' We'd all be sitting there, and he'd say, 'Seven!'and everybody would go, blam! That's photon torpedo acting."

Davison was a comic fan beforeX-Men but his tastes didn't run towards super heroes. He recallsloving the much adored and ill-fated EC Comics line, "Oh yes, hiding outin the back with EC Comics till I'd get nightmares. I remember my parentswere always trying to lead me back toward Donald Duck and away from ECComics. I loved the conspiratorial nature, the government are trying toget us -- communists! "

Thanks to DarkHorizons for the lead.


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