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Sentai Acquires Gintama, Asatte no Houkou and Cossette

Adds more Hidamari Sketch as well

By Chris Beveridge     January 21, 2010

Living For The Day After Tomorrow
© Sentai Filmworks

Sentai Filmworks has sent out their April 2010 solicitation information and it's another month of new acquisitions - surprising acquisitions. The big news is the apparent pick-up of Gintama with a thirteen episode collection debuting this month. The show, currently streaming on Crunchyroll, is almost at two hundred episodes so it's unknown just how much Sentai has acquired. In addition to this, they've nabbed more Hidamari Sketch as well as a Geneon title with Le Portrait Petite Cossette, a nice four episode OVA show. What will fly under the radar is the pick-up of the series Living For The Day After Tomorrow, which aired in Japan as Asatte no Houkou. The twelve episode series is animated by J.C. Staff and aired in late 2006 based on the manga by J-Ta Yamada.

Cover Art Title Release Date Runtime Price Studio Format
Gintama Collection 01 04-27-2010 325 mins $39.98 Sentai Filmworks
Hidamari Sketch X 365 Complete Collection 04-06-2010 400 mins $39.98 Sentai Filmworks
Le Portraite Petite Cossette 04-20-2010 120 mins $19.98 Sentai Filmworks
Living For The Day After Tomorrow Complete Collection 04-13-2010 300 mins $39.98 Sentai Filmworks

On the live action front, a few more titles have been picked up for a planned April release as well:


Published by:    Switchblade Pictures

Distributed by:   Section23 Films

Run Time:         120 min.

Street Date:       4/13/2010

Format:             DVD 

SRP:                $19.98


SYNOPSIS:  With the power of the Treasure Sword at his command, the King of Valhalla has maintained peace and prosperity across the universe.  But when the sword goes missing it's up to three magnificent female warriors - Sting Blue, Orna Black and Caliban Red - to set forth on a mission and recover it before the forces of darkness can steal it for their own!  Unfortunately, while the warriors are magnificent, they really don't get along well and foolishly divide their forces, even as the nefarious Dron Brothers of the Dark Planet close in on the sword itself!  Now, in a horribly backwards part of the galaxy, on an insignificant world known as Earth, the fate of all creation will be determined in a knock down, hand to hand battle to the finish!


Title:                 VENUS RANGER

Published by:    Switchblade Pictures

Distributed by:   Section23 Films

Run Time:         95 min.

Street Date:       3/30/2010

Format:             DVD 

SRP:                $19.98


SYNOPSIS:  When four beautiful girls sneak into the hideout of a shadowing organization, they suddenly find themselves being drafted as holy warriors in the ancient war of good versus evil!  On the side of darkness is the Golden Venus, on the side of light, the Mysterious Silver!  Scheming beastly goddesses, massive girl on girl battles and an epic spin on the entire powered ranger genre propel the V-Forces through an epic tribute to classic Japanese live action entertainment!  No punches are pulled!  All breasts are mostly real!  



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