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Sentai Filmworks Announces February 2010 Titles

Two new licenses plus more

By Chris Beveridge     December 04, 2009

Skull Man
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Sentai Filmworks has put out its latest round of solicitations, this time covering the release period of February 2010, and they've added two new licenses while finishing out a third. To Love Ru sees completion this month while two standalone full season sets come out to beef up the list a bit with Maria-Holic and Skull Man. Check after the grid for the titles picked up by Switchblade Pictures as well:

Cover Art Title Release Date Runtime Price Studio Format
Maria-Holic Complete Collection 02-23-2010 300 mins $39.98 Sentai Filmworks
Skull Man Complete Collection 02-02-2010 325 mins $39.98 Sentai Filmworks
To Love Ru Collection 2 02-16-2010 325 mins $39.98 Sentai Filmworks

Published by:Switchblade Pictures
Distributed by:Section23 Films
Run Time:125 min.
Street Date:2/9/2010
SRP: $19.98

Kirenji is so definitely NOT your typical Japanese girls’ school. For example, while the word “hot” might describe an attractive girl at other places of higher education, at Kirenji it’s more likely to mean “hot blooded,” “hot tempered” and “ready for red hot action” (as in physical combat, that is)! So when 17 year old Maki enrolls, thinking she’s the baddest bad girl of them all, she quickly learns the hard way that at Kirenji she’ll have to punch her way to the top of the pulchritudinous power pyramid… and it’s just too bad that the equally intimidating Natsumu is standing in her path! Epic battles, beauties bashing and girl on girl action abound, especially when new girl Kirei joins the fray, in the non-stop cat fight that is KIRENJI GIRLS’ COMBAT SCHOOL – the Complete Collection!

Published by:Sentai Filmworks
Distributed by:Section23 Films
Run Time:139 min.
Street Date:2/23/2010
SRP: $19.98

SYNOPSIS: Behind a bloody veil of mystery, the puppetmasters of the Yakuza secretly control Japan… Yet for all their power, the Yakuza are governed by their own codes of loyalty and honor, and there are those who are seen not as criminals, but heroes. Ryuji Ogami, of the Goda-gumi, is one such enigma: torn between the worlds of Bullets and Bushido, his hidden compassion perfectly balances the brutal force of his lethal iron hand. If your cause is just, it is said, seek out Ryuji. But endanger those he cherishes, like young club hostess Megumi and his junior Kazuki, and he will find you. And when the code of the Yakuza is violated by his own gang, Ryuji’s own code will leave him no choice. The city will burn as the deadliest man in Yokohama takes on his own in RYUJI THE YAKUZA- The Complete Collection!


Check here for an extended discussion about these announcements and more details as they become known.


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METR0lD 12/5/2009 9:14:58 PM

 No thanks. I don't support Section23 Films and their cruddy subtitles. No dub just seals the deal.

Calibur454 12/6/2009 10:55:38 AM

I'm with ya metroid I sure as hell hope they don't get their hands on K-on. I hope Funimation does and they produce it the same Beck Mongolian Chop Squad was handled.


METR0lD 12/6/2009 12:57:03 PM

 Agreed, they did an incredible job with Beck.



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