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Sentai Filmworks Done With Golgo 13?

The Anime Network airing episode 26 as finale

By Chris Beveridge     December 30, 2010

Golgo 13
© Sentai Filmworks

Is Golgo 13 coming to an end for Sentai Filmworks? It may appear that way based on what The Anime Network is saying. Their latest blog update has them talking about ending the year with Golgo 13 episode #26, which is pretty much the halfway mark of the series as it originally ran, and they're listing it specifically as a finale for the series. 

This week sees the finale of one of the more exciting shows to hit AN Online this year. Golgo 13 has a long history (going back decades!), and twice as many thrills as that. Even though there isn't much of a story to talk about, each episode was filled with tons of twists, turns, and perfectly timed and executed shots by everyone's favorite cool hand assassin. Alas, the ride is over, the last target has been eliminated. Golgo's job is done, and just in time for New Years. Seems just like him to be so punctual, doesn't it?

Golgo 13 was one of the first series that Sentai Filmworks picked up and announced that it would be coming out in bilingual format because of their belief that the show would sell well, both for name recognition value and because it's all about the badass sniping violence. The second collection, of what should be four, was released in September, just a couple of months after the first volume. Sentai has not made any further solicitations for the series at this point, which could be simply because they're intending to get the dub on the other half going. But the company, as has been par for the course when working with any long running series at this point like Gintama and Eyeshield 21, doesn't specifically state how much has been acquired. Previous reports had indicated that the series was dubbed "until the end" but as we see here, they're stating that this is "the end" so that may not hold much weight.

For those interested in The Anime Network streaming of the series, the blog update does state that the character will be back in 2011 with the subtitled version of it. But again, it's so vague as to what to really expect in regards to the other half of the series that it doesn't help but rather adds more confusion to the mix.


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Calibur454 12/30/2010 6:31:06 PM

I was afraid of something like this- a small upstart company just doesn't have the type of financial clout to back a series like golgo 13 with an english dub track added in and with a steep price tag for 13 epsiodes it was a hard sell nowadays even for die hard fans of the series.

sickVisionz 12/30/2010 8:18:11 PM

 The price tag was a big turnoff for me; they were going for nearly $50 per 13 episode box.  That felt crazy high when I could go buy 26 episodes of a show on BD for about the same price or less.



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