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SF novel online, free

Activist author Doctorow gives it away

By Mike Whybark     January 15, 2003
Source: Wired News

WIRED NEWS covers the publication and online release of up-and-coming SF author Cory Doctorow's inaugural novel, DOWN AND OUT IN THE MAGIC KINGDOM. Doctorow, the 2000 winner of the John W. Campbell Award for best newcomer to the SF field, is also noted as an online and personal freedoms activist and works for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an online lobby organization noted for opposition to extension of copyright and censorship or surveillance online.

The book, about a flawed Disney World of the future, is not only hitting shelves this week, but has been released online for free under the terms of a Creative Commons License, an effort to provide alternatives to copyright that preserves the idea and practice of the public domain in an effort toward the development of an alternative business model for the production and development of intellectual property products.

Download the book here; learn more about the Creative Commons here.

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