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Sgt. Frog Reports for Duty

By Chris Beveridge     May 25, 2009

Sgt. Frog
© FUNimation

Sgt. Frog has been in limbo for quite some time but there's something new finally being said. Originally licensed by ADV Films and then ending up in FUNimation's hands, the company has indicated that they are shooting for a 9/22/2009 release date. The series will be released in thirteen episode box sets with a bilingual presentation and we're hearing that all the Macross and Gundam references in the show are being kept, as are the original Japanese names. It appears that rather than try to force this into a US market sensibilities and likely remove a lot of what makes it popular with fans, they're going to play it properly and let its appeal shine on its own.

What it's about: Sergeant Keroro is the Captain of the Space Invasion Forces Special Advance Team of the 58th Planet of the Gamma Storm Cloud System, sent to the planet Pokopen (aka Earth) to collect intelligence for his planet's invasion force.

He's also a frog.

After his ship crash-lands in the planet earth, he takes shelter in the Hinata household, but the two kids, Fuyuki and Natsume, find him and take away his alien weapons. When his people discover that the Pokopenians are aware of him, Keroro is abandoned - left to fend for himself in this hostile world.

You can see the TEST EPISODE DUB from last year and read through the nearly three thousand comments to see how fans reacted to its initial presentation.


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