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Lair of the Beasts: Creatures of the Past (Article) - 6/26/2011 4:48:52 AM

The Tale of Sir John Giffard and the Leopard strikes me as unlikely. At least, insofar as the "Family Motto" part.

"Breathe deep, pull hard," are not sensible instructions to a man with a crossbow. If he has an English Longbow the "pull hard" makes sense. But a crossbow is fired with a trigger and it makes no difference how much pressure one exerts in pulling the trigger. The "bolt" (or "quarrel") will be released at the same speed. With the longbow the further back one pulls the string the faster (and FARTHER) the arrow will fly,

And, while this is not (in and of itself) a reason to dismiss the private zoo and the leopard and so on one can safely say that the incident was NOT the source of the motto.


Lair of the Beasts: Monsters and Proof (Article) - 6/5/2011 10:36:55 AM

You're welcome, Raymond....


Lair of the Beasts: Monsters and Proof (Article) - 6/4/2011 9:04:14 PM

Hi Nick....this is something I have been writing about for some time on my blog. That most of these creatures do NOT seem to be physical in nature. At least, not entirely so. As I wrote on my blog SCIENCE can help us to explain what is going on. Superstring Theory, for example "The mathematics used in superstring theory requires at least 10 dimensions. That is, for the equations that describe superstring theory to begin to work out—for the equations to connect general relativity to quantum mechanics, to explain the nature of particles, to unify forces, and so on—they need to make use of additional dimensions. These dimensions, string theorists believe, are wrapped up in the curled-up space first described by Kaluza and Klein in 1919."

Reality ISN'T just what we can see and touch at any given time.

You'll remember when I wrote "Because it is becoming clear (I hope) that whatever is behind the things we have classed variously as a poltergeist, Bigfoot, a talking mongoose, and a witch is the same thing taking various forms.

(Remember the Native American legends? Sasquatch can talk and has great wisdom).

And we know by experience that Bigfoot is no more physical in the ordinary sense than the Enfield Poltergeist was…or the Bell Witch was…or Gef was."

And as I pointed out on Linda Godfrey's blog over on wordpress (she was reviewing your new book about the REAL MEN IN BLACK) "All these things feed off emotions…usually fear, because it is the strongest, but adoration works as well. The beings encountered in sacred groves and elsewhere in antiquity were of the same sort. T. C. Lethbridge (GHOULS AND GHOSTS) has spoken of “zones of fear” like the one he encountered on Ladram Beach. He calls these zones “ghouls” because they generate fear in (and suck energy FROM) those who are luckless enough to encouner them. They have definite boundaries…something John Keel noticed, too when driving around WV one night during the “Mothman” case. And it was one of the things he said about “Mr Apol” that he seemed to live off the energy of the humans he encountered.
What I think is that whenever you encounter one of these “zone” you can be sure that one of these creatures is nearby and snacking off you. But whether you call them upright canines or men in black or whatever doesn’t seem to matter. I think that the reality behind ALL these things are shape-shifting entities whose TRUE nature we have yet to discover.
Though there are some who just MIGHT call them devils or demons."

Or Cormons???

Lair of the Beasts: Monster Rumors (Article) - 1/29/2011 8:02:05 AM

Remember the "Siege of Ape Canyon" in 1924, Nick? That's near Mt St Helen's and Fred Beck, who tells the tale says at least one of the ape-like things was shot.

But no bodies were found THEN either


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