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Shaman King

A Boy Who Dances With Ghosts
Yoh Asakura, a young shaman, comes to town to prepare for the twice-a-millennium Shaman tournament. Yoh has a unique temperament – part warrior, part slacker. He meets his first friend, Morty, a funny, short kid who can see ghosts. When Morty is beat up by Rio and his Dead Ender Gang, Yoh teams up with Amidamaru, a 600 year old Samurai to teach Rio a lesson.

Waiting Samurai Morty's growing curiosity about Yoh prompts him to study "The Knucklehead's Guide to Shamans and Spirits". Together they begin the journey to find Yoh's guardian ghost – the spirit that will be his partner in the World Shaman Tournament. Along the way they discover an ancient secret about Amidamaru and set out to right a centuries old wrong. Amidamaru agrees to join Yoh in his quest to become Shaman King.

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Region 1 - North America

Shaman King Vol. #01 by FUNimation Entertainment, Ltd.
Shaman King Vol. #02 by FUNimation Entertainment, Ltd.