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The Shape of Chaos!

Michael Myers returns to Chaos! Comics for a third terrifying outing

By Arnold T. Blumberg     July 27, 2001
Source: Chaos! Comics

Cover art for Chaos! Comics' upcoming HALLOWEEN III: THE DEVIL'S EYES
© 2001 Chaos! Comics
For many, three is a mystical number reflecting symmetry and balance. The number three is also closely tied to ancient ritual and magic, so what better number to herald the return of the supernatural Shape and his unending reign of Samhain-inspired terror?

This year, the Celtic Festival of the Dead (we usually celebrate Halloween around that time) will see the latest return of the Shape, otherwise known as Michael Myers. First introduced by director John Carpenter in the classic HALLOWEEN in 1978, Michael has become one of the great icons of modern horror movies and slashed his way through five sequels with a sixth HALLOWEEN 8 on the way (naturally we're not counting the distaff HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH that did not include Michael Myers).

Ah, but Michael's trail of death and destruction is no longer confined to the silver screen. Chaos! Comics has published two comic books continuing the saga of Myers and the many people whose lives he has cursed or cut brutally short. This Halloween, Michael will once more stalk the pages of the four-color funnies and finally claim the HALLOWEEN III title that eluded him in the film series.

HALLOWEEN III: THE DEVIL'S EYES will sport two cover variations and feed into the frenzy sure to follow the release of the latest HALLOWEEN movie installment, which will feature the return of original HALLOWEEN star Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode (Curtis subsequently played Strode in HALLOWEEN II and again in the 20th anniversary sequel, HALLOWEEN: H2O).

With a script by Bram Stoker award-winning author Phil Nutman, HALLOWEEN III: THE DEVIL'S EYES reintroduces Tommy Doyle to the Myers mythos. Doyle first encountered Michael as a small boy in the first film, then returned (in the guise of a different actor, CLUELESS co-star Paul Rudd) in HALLOWEEN 6. The Chaos! Comics series extended Tommy's mission against the evil within Michael Myers. This new issue will test Tommy to his very limits as he enlists the aid of childhood friend, reporter Lindsey Wallace, and prepares for a final confrontation with the Shape. Even Tommy may not be prepared for the shocking truth that awaits him at the end of his long crusade to eradicate Myers once and for all.

HALLOWEEN III: THE DEVIL'S EYES will be available in comic book stores on October 10 or online at For more information on Halloween, visit For more
details on Chaos! visit


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