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Realism that gnaws at your senses

November 14, 2006

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Just read the book in one weekend--bought it Friday and closed it Sunday night and I gotta tell you, the creeps you get that make your skin crawl like slugs on your arms or hypersensitizes every creak and bump you hear reading this at night are genuinely giddy. Brooks's approach has that desensitized, cold detachment on an otherwise horrific and terrorizing 'what if" that gives the zombie phenomenon a sense of legitimacy--as if it COULD really happen and that thought creeped the hell out of me. It had the same crawling, rising creepiness when you watch the newscasts on "Night...", "Dawn... (orig and remake), and "Shaun...". What Brooks leaves out in terms of detailed gore, he leaves it up to you to envision the undead devouring masses of fleeing people with eyewitness accounts. And the detail of each character's back history only provides depth to the impact a zombie horror has on the diminishing human race. If you want to immerse yourself in a reality where zombies DO exist despite the cynicism the characters share with you and the illicit sense that -yeah it IS happening oh my god-read this book.

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stevieg 3/4/2010 6:42:33 PM



Actually I was very excited about "World War Z" when it first came out and bought a first edition.  I was anxious to read it since the premise was so inticing.


However about 60% through it I suddenly found myself very bored with it and have still not finished it.  It is, I think because the entire book is told in retrospect by many involved.  This device is difficult to sustain for an entire novel and Brooks certainly is not up to the task.  Consider the difficulties involved if you decide to use second person singular tense for an entire novel.  Very difficult and  hardly ever sustainable for novel length.  A very notable exception though is Jay McInerney's Brright Lights Big City, excellent.


Anyway I would foun WWZ far more readable had it been set during the zombie war rather than trying to maintain contunity through reminicences and recounts.






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