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SHAZAM! is the word for Oscar winner

DREAMCATCHER scribe to write his first superhero flick

By Patrick Sauriol     March 24, 2003
Source: Variety

Superhero movies are all the rage with Hollywood these days, but even so today's news was still unexpected. Oscar-winning screenwriter William Goldman has been hired by New Line Cinema to write...wait for it...SHAZAM!

The DC Comics character (also known as Captain Marvel) has been around for decades and was even once a live-action Saturday morning series on TV. Goldman's SHAZAM! will still stick with the source material, that being the adventures of a young man named Billy Batson who transformed into a costumed superhero when he uttered the word Shazam. New Line is eyeing the movie for a holiday 2004 or summer 2005 release.

"I started collecting comics in 1938," Goldman is quoted in today's Variety as saying. "I was a lunatic comicbook lover, and I had everything. (This project) is a big deal for me. I hope I don't screw it up."

Who woulda thought it?

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