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The Shield: Genocide

9/24/2008 7:39:23 AM permalink

This week's ep was titled "Genocide".  My thoughts:

Hey it's Flash from Smallville!  What's he doing in Farmington?  Playing a  young serial killer that's what. Not only that but a smart serial killer cause he got away.  I hope they bring him back some other time and nail his ass.  It's doesn't happen a lot that Dutch can't prove a case.  I doubt he'll be back, I think they already did that (bringing back a guy Dutch couldn't close) in one of the other season.

The level of stupidity the head gangsters have is annoying.  Renzin belives Vic before his own guys and now Penzuela does the same thing.  Vic & Co set up the meeting between the Armenians and Mexicans, Penzuela sends a guy he trust there.  Renzin says they don't have the black box and then offers his services to help the Mexicans find it, the mexican believes him and tells Penzuela but then Penzuela chooses to believe Vic.  Sure, that makes sense.

Good play by Vic spin it afterwards though with the help of that little black box.  I loved how the episode ended, with that FBI chic having info to screw Vic & Aceveda over.

Oh, almost forgot, what the hell is up with Cassy?  Can't anyone bitch slap her so she can show so damn respect!!?  I'm starting to think Cassy may be what brings Vic down.  This is the second time she goes to a cop with stuff about her father.



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