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9/18/2008 6:20:54 AM permalink

The site doesn't have time for The Shield apparently but I know a lot of you watch it so I'm starting The Shield blog!!  Each week I'll have a spot to talk about that week's episode.

I won't review it cause I don't have time for that which is weird since I have time to be wasting on here all the time.  Anyway, basically if you peeps want just come on in and state what you think is going down and what you thought of the episode.

This week's episode was title "Money Shot".

Loved the episode.  Tina is damn hot, they should have her running around in mini skirts all the time or in sex scenes like when they showed her ass last season.  Excellent.

I liked that Ronnie basically said fuck u I ain't going down for you guys. 

Vic needs to grow some balls and bitch slap that daughter of his and his wife.  Vic puts his foot down after Cassidy pushes Corrine and then Corrine is screaming at Vic to get out of the house. Vic wants to apologize to Cassidy and then just leaves the house?  WTF!!?  Don't stand for that bullshit Mackey.

Rezin(sp?) is pretty damn stupid.  I ain't buying how he believes everything Vic & Shane are selling him.  He won't trust his boys before 2 cops that had robbed him before?  Doesn't sound right.

Vic should forgive Shane and not play him like he did at the end of the episode.  Killing Lem wasn't right but Shane did it to protect the rest of the guys and the only reason he told the Armenian chic about the Money Train was because Vic was getting into Shane's business. 

Excellent season so far.



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