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  • Age Rating: 13 and Up
  • Region: All Region DVD
  • Released By: Crunchyroll
  • Running time: 50
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  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Shin Koihime Musou

Shin Koihime Musou Episodes #05-#06

Shin Koihime Musou Episodes #05-#06 Review

By G.B. Smith     February 02, 2010
Release Date: November 08, 2009

Shin Koihime Musou
© Crunchyroll

On the way to track down Ryuubi's sword, the gang is diverted instead to visit Sousou. Once there, Kan'u helps a couple of travelers get in with Sousou, and the gang enjoys some good food. But danger lurks in the background to all of this frivolity. As if anyone cares while they are looking at all of the overly endowed women in skintight outfits. 

What They Say
Towards the end of the Han Dynasty, the world is in the throes of chaos and disorder.
In a time when strength is needed, a hero is secretly sharpening her skills as a warrior of justice: her name is Kan'u Unchou. Kan'u will put her life on the line, test her strength and power, fighting to protect those in need. Together with Chouhi Ekitoku, they make a vow as sisters to forge down this path of justice, awaiting whatever fate has in store for them...

Now in SHIN KOIHIME MUSO, Kanou and Chouhi explode into battle as they must again stand up and fight for peace during these turbulent times. Together they set out to assemble their team of warriors, eyes to the horizon and the many battles and adventures that awaits for them up ahead!

Episode 5: Kakuka and Teiiku Come Into Sousou's Service
Episode 6: Ten'i Is Tested by Sousou

The Review!
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The girls are on the road again, but as they are traveling, Rin Rin becomes very sick. Fortunately, the girls find a doctor on the road - a doctor with over the top special effects and the ability to dispel a stomach ache with acupuncture. I'm not sure it really works that way. So, the doctor, Kada, joins the girls on their journey for the moment. Along the way, the girls learn that the doctor is not just traveling for fun: he has been instructed by his group, the Way of the Five Grains (say it with emphasis), to find the "Crucial Keys to the Way of Peace," a dangerous magic book.

Wait? Haven't we seen that before?

Anyhow, while walking along the path, the group stumbles upon a woman who has collapsed off the road. The doctor examines her as she lies in a pool of blood and pronounces her perfectly healthy. Which she is, since her friend comes along and reveals that it was nothing more than a minor nosebleed. Yes, only in anime can you lose half of your blood from a nosebleed and be perfectly okay. Regardless, the two new women we meet, Kakuka (the nosebleeder) and Teiiku (a short little girl who carries a doll on her head whom she gives voice to with ventriloquy), are on their way to find Sousou, since they are strategists and wish to offer their services to the Lesbian Army (no, that's not the real name for Sousou's faction, but it fits). And Kakuka certainly fits the bill for Sousou's service, based upon her fantasies.

Of course, Sousou is more than willing to give someone recommended by Kan'u an audience. But the setting she chooses, a bath with Kan'u, Kakuka and Teiiku, is so like Sousou. Expect lots of steam. Lots of magical body-clinging steam. As well as a new way of foiling a would-be assassin. Let's just say that this episode has made one of more inventive uses of the perverted nosebleed that I've seen in anime. That doesn't really improve the quality of the show too much, however.

In Episode 6, the focus remains on Sousou's place, as the girls stay in her town. We briefly look in on the Yellow Hair Ribbons, I mean the Yellow Turbans, as they continue their tour around the arenas of ancient China - which don't actually exist. Now we know, however, that the source of their power, the "Crucial Keys to the Way of Peace," is actually the source of a potentially powerful evil. It shows in their concertgoers, as yet another fight looks like it is about to break out. This time, one of the sisters uses magic to stop the fight, but it appears that the book that grants them power also draws out the emotions that lead to fighting and strife among the concert fans.

Returning to Kan'u and friends, they are doing what they seem to do at least once an episode: eat extravagantly. Here, they have found a modest looking establishment, but one that boasts a much better than average cook: Ten'i. She makes wonderful dishes, though she doesn't always describe their ingredients in the best manner.

At this point, it must be time for another parody. (Cue the music from Backdraft. Well, not that they are planning to use it).

That night, Kan'u and friends are invited on the next day to come to Sousou's palace, where she will be holding a gourmet tasting feast of food that she has cooked by herself. Sousou dons an elaborate cape and walks among a throng of ingredients. You guessed it, Sousou apparently was the first chairman of the cooking academy of Iron Chef. Uh... yeah. Anyhow, the very refined cuisine does not agree with Rin Rin's less than educated palate, so she makes the mistake of saying out loud that she prefers Ten'i's cooking to Sousou's. This drives Sousou to demand Ten'i come and cook for all of them. She comes and makes a simple meat bun, one that incorporates all of the foods that the gang enjoyed at her restaurant the other day.

Then things just get plain sillier... as if that could really happen.

In Summary:
The first of these two episodes had lots of nosebleeds and fanservice with nary a man in sight for the most part. The second episode showed us that Sousou has a domestic side, as she likes to cook. Of course, for her, cooking is a contest, and a parody of something even non-anime fans are familiar with comes into play. This show is just a series of barely connected silly outings, though there is now something that could approach being the merest sliver of a plot coming into existence: the potential danger coming from the book the Chou Sisters found which has launched their pop singing group career. It remains to be seen if they will actually attempt to fashion a plot from this - or just continue to get the girls to take baths on a regular basis.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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