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  • Age Rating: All
  • Region: All Region DVD
  • Released By: Other
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Hardware Reviews

Shinco 2120

    April 04, 2002

Shinco 2120
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What They Say

The Review!
Shinco 2120

Cost: 3589 FIM = 588$
Features: DVD, SuperVCD (DVCD), VCD playback supported.
Picture: NTSC/PAL50, you can watch all NTSC discs in PAL TV!
10bit Video D/A converter.
Resolution over 500 lines.
Deactivates Macrovision, you can copy NTSC/PAL tapes.
Sound: Dolby Digital OUT
DTS (Digital Theatre System)- OUT
Can play MP3/CD.

Menu/Zoom/Programmable functions
View select
2X,4X, etc rewind/forward
Advanced problem correction (e.g. there's a scratch, but the disc won't stop there)
Language selection
Color display
Remote control
Karaoke features: Vocal On/OFF, Request, Echo, 2mics in.
Optical digital output
Coaxial digital output
S-Video Out
2 Stereo audio and video output
Region free
No Macrovision
Made In China

Tested: I used The Matrix, Ninja Cadets and Shinco Presentation DVD's. I also tested with mp3 CD's but they didn't work, cause they are not CBR 96-320 kbit and VBR 112-192 kbit. These other two should work, but I can't guarantee anything right now. The Matrix worked fine and didn't fail at any time. There were some glitches from the disc itself, which usually made us reboot our computer at that time. But Shinco did well and continued okay. Ninja Cadets did show some mpeg-packing (e.g. squares), but the action scenes went well. Worked quite alright. The DVD that came with the machine "Shinco-dvd", showed all the machines capabilities and worked fine. CD's worked without any problems. We didn't have any VCD's, but I think the machine is able to play those, 'cos VCD'S seem to be very popular in China.

Opinion: I LOVE THIS! Cheap, easy and fun also (with the karaoke thing!). Everyone should get a DVD-player like this. You can watch whatever you want and can make a copy if you are afraid of children not able to use this machine.
I'm quite satisfied with this. The next thing we are going to do is put our all Simpsons episodes and my anime collection on VCD's and throw all those crummy tapes away. If you want lots of things with cheap option, this is your machine.
Even if it is Chinese production, the most parts inside are actually Sony's, so the guarantee is quite good.

Where to get:

The machine's real color is silver, not gold.


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