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lusiphur 7/14/2012 10:19:51 AM

 "Creates another fiend
So Beautiful,
They make you kill"
- Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie


Now I know where that line came from.

doublec 7/15/2012 9:57:32 AM

 Love these columns! Chuck, you and I have eerily identical tastes in movies (and my name's Chuck, too)!

There were 7 AIP Beach Party films (Ski Party's usually not considered to be part of the series but opinions vary) and incredibly they were actually shot in THREE YEARS! For those so inclined, they paint an interesting picture of the 60's, from the beatnik-inspired first film to the mini-skirted go-go girls of the last couple.

Dr Goldfoot is every bit the fine slice of Gruyere that Chuck describes, fast-paced and funny. Beach Party fans (I'm one, can you tell?) will enjoy the numerous cameos from the series stars (at least one as their  actual character from the series) and Price was obviously having so much fun he'd have probably done it for free. 

Sadly the sequel is considerably less fun, largely due to the presence of the awfuly  unfunny Italian comedy team. Mario Bava loudly disowned the film, saying he was under contract and literally forced to do it. And to add serous insult to injury, they replaced Frankie with Fabian! 

InnerSanctum 7/15/2012 5:14:31 PM

 My gosh, I'd forgotten these films.  They use to play them on TV when I was a kid on Saturday afternoons.  

CyanideRush 7/15/2012 6:05:33 PM

 Thanks Double C! I agree about the Italian actors, the humor just does not translate at all. 



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