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karas1 5/22/2013 2:37:02 PM

My favorite giant monster movie was Destroy All Monsters wherein aliens put mind control devices on various monsters and send them across the globe to destroy cities and only a mission to another planet can stop them!

I also favor Monster Zero wherin Godzilla and Rodan fight Gidorah.

CyanideRush 5/22/2013 3:01:59 PM

 Karas -Ooooohhh, Destroy All Monsters is just so much fun. my favorite Rodan is actually the original. 

doublec 5/22/2013 6:02:01 PM

 I actually saw Destroy all Monsters for the first time at a drive-in.
And drive-ins weren't just open in the summer. I remember about 30 years ago a friend and me actually going to a midnight porn show on Christmas night.

Wyldstaar 5/22/2013 7:30:15 PM

The only movie I've ever seen at a drive-in was Superman: The Movie.  Fortunately, that's going to change soon.  A brand-new drive-in just opened in town this month.

CyanideRush 5/23/2013 4:31:45 AM

 Wyldstaar that's AWESOME. Where do you live that you're getting a brand new drive-in?

Doublec - that's what I call ornamental balls. 

blankczech 5/23/2013 8:19:16 PM

 This brings back fond memories.  All the Drive-Ins near me shut down about 25-30 years ago (There may still be one operating in my state but there are several in neighboring PA).  Talk about genre movies...I don't think I ever saw a mainstream movie in a drive-in.  I only saw cheesy / trashy stuff. Sometimes they had triple features. They couldn't show porn in Drive-Ins because my state is too densely populated and you could see some of the screens from the highway as you drove by.  There was a period in my life when going to the drive-in had little to do with watching movies. Of course years later I was taking my kids there (and yes, they were in their pajamas, but they rarely if ever fell asleep). I also remember the awful junk food they sold there (which tasted so good and made the kids sick).  I hear the new Drive-Ins no longer have those plastic boxes with the wire attached which you put on your you listen to the movie thru your radio speakers.

I'm a big fan of cheesy movies. When someone tells me that they can't wait to see the new Godzilla, i ask them if they ever saw Destroy All Monsters (which I saw on TV not at a drive-in).  If they say No, I reccommend that they check it out.  Someone must still be watching it's sold out at Amazon

Wyldstaar 5/24/2013 9:02:19 AM

The new drive-in is in Fort Worth, Texas and it's called the Coyote Drive-In. 



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