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flyinroo 12/22/2012 12:43:29 AM

 I'm not a JCVD fan overall, but he did make a few films that I enjoy. Timecop was definitely one of them, and I really enjoy Nowhere to Run. And I absolutely get a kick out of Bloodsport and the ultra campy Kickboxer. There was a certain level of camp that his movies had that I could get into, but far too many took it to lengths that I couldn't dumb down enough to watch. Timecop and Nowhere to Run stand out as the closest to pretty good mainstream movies as he would ever come. 

I also enjoyed Expendables 2, though his role was quite small over all, so it doesnt really count.

FilchX 12/22/2012 1:27:34 AM

 Isnt Timecop also a comic adaption?

And Uneversal Soilder is van dame's best flick. But time cop, no were to run and Hard target (I do believe jon woo's first american flick) are all solid movies. 

And who doesnt love Bloodsport..."first I break friend, next I break you." awesome

hanso 12/22/2012 2:30:39 AM

 Van Damme is awesome, as is TimeCop.  I liked Double Impact, Lionheart, and Cyborg too.  Oh and Sudden Death as well.  JCVD from 1988 to 1995 was money in my book.  After Sudden Death everything went to hell, starting with the Bloodsport knock off The Quest which JCVD directed and wrote I believe.  Then you had crap like Knock Off and Double Team ans shit turned sad yo.

hanso 12/22/2012 2:38:41 AM

 I would have to say Double Impact is my favorite Van Damme movie.  It has double the Van Damme and boobs!  Plus it had comedy as well, and Van Damme has a secret island hideout like he was a Bond villain.  Also, the boss fights at the end were cool. 

Btw Chuck, how on Earth can you be a sucker for Street Fighter?  That shit makes me cry.  Not only is it a crap JCVD flick it also completely rapes The Street Fighter source material.  Only cool thing was Van Damme's Guile kick.  

DarkXid 12/22/2012 3:50:21 AM

 It didn't hurt that Mia Sara was his wife in that movie.  Yum.

BunyonSnipe 12/22/2012 5:00:27 AM

I do love this movie, but the science is just DUMB!

If you come into contact with your own past self... THAT happens..? REEEAALLY?!?!!!

almostunbiased 12/22/2012 5:25:49 AM

I loved Timecop when it came out.  Watched it recently and it suffered some with age, but still enjoyed it.  Not one I would buy however.  Oh and yea Mia Sara is very hot.

TheSilentKiller 12/22/2012 6:10:45 AM

 Everything up to Sudden Death was pretty good to sweet. But then the quality dropped off pretty quickly. Hanso - I thought Frank Dux wrote The Quest?

CyanideRush 12/22/2012 7:38:56 AM

 I'm not really sure, Hanso. My brain knows that it's garbage, but at the same time, I get a good laugh out of how silly it is. So sad that it is the last role of Raul Julia.

and you're right FilchX, Timecop was adapted from a comic of the same name.


hanso 12/22/2012 9:35:21 AM

 Silent, i looked it up on IMDB and it says JCVD and Frank Dux got story credits for The Quest and someone else wrote the script.

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