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redhairs99 4/8/2013 7:43:15 AM

Chuck, and that's why we love coming here to Mania.  Agreeing and disagreeing on the types of films we all love.  As I've stated previously, for me, that bathroom scene was the best of the film and the creepiest (most tense), except the ending of it where they went ADD on the edits.

I rewatched the original Evil Dead over the weekend, and man, that movie is still just damned entertaining.  As bas as the acting was in the original, I still love it and still feel more involved with each of the characters than I did with the remake.  Aside from Eric and Mia, I still can't recall anyone else's name.  

I think it also kinda bugged me that the one guy just opened the book and started reading it aloud.  I know they had a line of dialogue that stated some of it was translated.  In the originals the Latin had to be spoken aloud to awake the dead, which is why they had that great reel-to-reel playback from the professor who discovered the Book of the Dead.  

One last nitpick on the remake, the opening scene I thought was very cool and well done with the dad burning the possed daugther alive, but there was absolutely no need for it in the finished film.  We could've used that extra 5-10 minutes on developing the main characters a little bit better.  Instead it's used so they can give us an unnecessary quick-flackback shot when the guys are in the basement and see the charred wooden post.  As if we are so stupid that we need a reminder about what we saw 20 seconds ago.  "Yes, we made the connection, thank you."  Of course, I have the same same beef on Batman Begins when they flashback at the end to Bruce's dad showing him the stethoscope.  Less of a problem in Batman, because that scene was 2 hours prior, but still, unnecessary and kind of insulting as an audience member. 

CyanideRush 4/8/2013 8:36:46 AM

 Redhairs, I hadn't listened to the commentary tracks on the original Evil Dead in a while, so I ran them both last week. I listened to Raimi's first, then to the separate one with Bruce. I highly recommend them if it's been a while. Bruce's starts off with "Sam probably said "x" about this, well he was lying to ya. Here's the truth" heh.

The characters definitely had a massive case of the stupids. Eric was pretty groanworthy for the whole first half but once it hits the fan, I found I liked him more. 

Your points are actually helping me out, as I may be the only defender of this film on the You've Got Geek Podcast with some of my fellow Mania writers (Joel and Mike Henley), along with some other guys. We usually run quite long and I image we're going to be really digging into this and arguing for quite some time. -Chuck


redhairs99 4/8/2013 10:26:47 AM

I have listened to all the various commentary tracks I've gotten on the multiple DVD releases (Bruce, Sam and Rob or Sam and Rob or Bruce and Sam or Bruce solo), I love them all, but I haven't listened to them in a good while.  May have to try and work some time in to do that again.  My wife doesn't care for these films, so I always have to schedules these around everything else.

Glad I could help, Chuck!

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