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Evangeline Lilly Confirmed for Ant-Man

Lost star joins next Marvel Pic

By Robert T. Trate     March 26, 2014
Source: GeekTyrant

Ant-Man arrives July 17, 2015.
© Marvel Studios

Evangeline Lilly (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug)has been officially cast in Edgar Wright’s (The World’s End) Ant-Man. Lilly will be play the female lead in the adaptation of the Marvel character. The rumor is that she will play Hank Pym’s (Michael Douglass) daughter and love interest for Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man, Scott Lang. Will she done the Wasp costume? The character’s identity hasn’t even been revealed yet on IMDB. We are eagerly awaiting the update on this casting from Walt Disney and Marvel Studios. 

Ant-Man arrives July 17th, 2015. 

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Wiseguy 3/26/2014 2:33:58 PM

I can see that although she wasn't my top choice.

CalamityJohnson 3/26/2014 5:58:08 PM

i'm even more stoked. Love me some E. Lilly.

DarthoftheDead 3/26/2014 11:51:42 PM

This film is like a dream come true for me!

Ant-man has always been in my top 5 Marvel heroe's, I hope this film doe's him Justice......

ElBaz13 3/27/2014 5:43:18 AM

So I guess she's playing Janet Van Dyne?  Or is she Pym's daughter?

This is what I hope they do. Pym was married to a Janet Van Dyne, who was the Wasp. Janet gave birth to a their daughter but died at birth. (maybe after effect of Pym particles), Hank named the daughter Janet after his dead wife. Daughter grows up, grows estranged from dad after she finds out how mother died, adopts the Van Dyne name.

Eldogg42 3/27/2014 8:00:53 AM

ElBaz13,  Thats the exact storyline I was thinking to myself a while back, when I heard the rumors about this casting.  Which, I'm completely ok with.  Throw in there, that she is dating Lang, and thats how he gets into the Ant-man technology.

Chance375 3/27/2014 9:56:02 AM

My question is Will there be spousal abuse?  If so, I'm in!  I kid, I kid!

Higgy 3/27/2014 11:08:57 AM

ElBaz, I love the way you think.  And Lilly I think will be great as Wasp if that's who she's playing.  I love her, she's so cute and hot and stuff....she makes me tingly in my special places.

violator14 3/27/2014 11:41:10 AM

 Higgy- I love the way your titties glisten in the sunlight.

Higgy 3/27/2014 1:24:55 PM

LOL thanks.  They're fun to play with too...

...I wish I could play with them....  :(


almostunbiased 3/27/2014 2:35:14 PM

Love her, don't care about this.

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