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The Wolverine

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Jackman Chats about The Wolverine

From Sirius Radio

By Robert T. Trate     May 24, 2013
Source: Sirius

Sirius radio has a great clip from their interview with Hugh Jackman about The Wolverine. In this interview we get to hear that Jackman set a new comic book movie record and his about first audition for the role that has defined his career. Enjoy!

Official Press Release from Sirius Radio: Hugh Jackman sat down with the Editor of Entertainment Weekly Jess Cagle during a fan Q&A session for SiriusXM’s Town “Town Hall” series. The “Town Hall” will air on SiriusXM’s new channel Entertainment Weekly Radio.


“SiriusXM’s Town Hall with Hugh Jackman” will air Tuesday, May 28 at 7:00 am ET on Entertainment Weekly Radio, channel 105. For more information on the “Town Hall,” please visit www.siriusxm.com/townhall

The Wolverine arrives in theaters on July 26th, 2013.


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Rizing 5/24/2013 12:16:51 PM

It is very, very cool that Hugh Jackman has owned this character for 7 movies. It will be something to see Jackman bequeath the role to the next guy.

BunyonSnipe 5/24/2013 12:52:54 PM

Seven times, the same number of times Roger Moore played 007...

I STILL think all this stuff about Singer using Quicksilver in DoFP is a huge ruse and that Fox are doing a deal to re-secure the distribution rights for Star Wars by producing these last two X-Movies then selling the production rights back to Marvel for a reboot which will begin with DoFP re-writing history.

X-Men and FF will be completely recast.

Paramount will distribute Iron Man and Cap...

Universal will distribute The Hulk

Fox will distribute X-Men and Fantastic Four

Sony will distribute Spider-Man

and Disney will distribute The Avengers, utilising characters from all six franchises.




BunyonSnipe 5/24/2013 12:55:36 PM

Well hopefully... hahaha

Ben Grimm, Spidey and Wolverine alongside Cap and Iron Man

DougRed4 5/24/2013 1:45:33 PM

I like your plan, BunyonSnipe.  Let's hope that happens!

redvector 5/24/2013 5:53:49 PM

I think that the more I hear about DoFP the more I think it's Fox going for broke with the X-Men franchise. Why else would you try to cram so many characters into one movie. This movie would have to make a lot more than First Class to turn a profit and First Class was only a modest hit. 

I think that Fox is realizing that the X-Men is reaching diminishing returns financially and is going all or nothing with this. If it's a bomb the rights will quietly revert back to Marvel. 

dojen1 5/25/2013 8:59:52 AM

I am with Redvector on this.


OmegaDean 5/26/2013 3:04:31 PM

What i find funny is that many people are talking about going for broke with this film. Wasn't X-3 a good indicator of a ton of characters not meaning much. Fox is stupid they had a winner in Mathew Vaughn's take on the title and they drum him out for Singer. Singer does not understand genre movies. He's arrogant and insulting. This movie is going to be a train wreck and I hope it truly bombs. Yet I know it's gonna make a gaggle of cash because fan boys like us are going to go see it so we can bitch. Then its also going to make ton of money in the foriegn market, because let's face it they enjoy the trite shite we call blockbusters


redvector 5/26/2013 4:17:35 PM

I glad that Wheddon is being the adult in the room and has ignored, at least publicly, Singers obvious childish ploy. And I find it telling that Singer reworded his tweet and dropped any mention of the Avengers. It came across as childish, and petty. And I find the timing of this announcement sleazy after Wheddon confirmed his intentions to include SW and QS in A2.

I think that Marvel/Disney is content right now with the way things are but it's things like what Singer pulled that could cause Marvel/Disney to sue to reopen the licensing deal with FOX.  Or sue to terminate it altogether.

alienstatue 6/4/2013 10:11:56 PM

I like Singer as a story teller, but one of the things that really bothered me with the first to X films is the action scenes. The wired fight scenes just look dumb. I say utilize CGI. It looked cool in Blade and that was years ago! CGI has come a long way. I just don't understand how it's hard to make fight scenes these days. Look at the CGI in iron man and lord of the rings. I just want Singer to bring it! This movie looks to be huge! I trust Singer will tell us a great story, but as for the action, please bring it Singer!! Please!



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