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SHREK Beats Him to Greek

Shrek Forever After wins third frame.

By Jarrod Sarafin     June 06, 2010

Russell Brand's Get Him to the Greek can't topple the Shrek
© Bob Trate


Another summer box office race has come to an end and it’s another session where numbers are lower than they were this time last year. A week after the industry recorded one of the lowest Memorial Day races in 17 years this weekend’s top ten rang up $120 million altogether, which is a 24% drop over the same time frame last year. No top ten finisher in this report averaged over $7,000 per theater with audiences though Universal’s comedy Get Him to the Greek scored the closest with a $6,560 average per house.
Highest average or not, Universal couldn’t compete the 3D might of DreamWorks Animation’s Shrek Forever After, which had nearly 1,700 more screens across the nation. The last adventure of Mike Myer’s green ogre three-peated a victory atop the charts with an estimated $25.3 million, increasing the studio’s domestic tally to $183.0 million after 17 days of release. The animated vehicle has pulled in another $68.4 million from international waters so they’ve pulled in $251.4 million worldwide.
Universal’s comedy Get Him to the Greek follows in 2nd place by taking in $17.4 million in its first three days at the box office. As reported above, the loosely based spin-off to Forgetting Sarah Marshall starring Russell Brand had the highest average of this frame with $6,460 per house in each of its 2,697 theaters across the states. One has to wonder whether the film would have won this weekend if they bumped that up to the 3,500-4,000 print range. Either way, it’s a decent opening for Universal here as the producers kept the budget down to the tune of only $40 million.
Next up is Lionsgate’s action comedy Killers. The Ashton Kutcher-Katherine Heigl effort shot its way into 3rd place in its debut by earning $16.1 million on 2,859 theaters. The budget is listed at $75 million so it has some distance to go before the suits can relax on this one.

Walt Disney Pictures found itself in 4th place with the second frame of their action-adventure Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The fantasy adaptation of the best-selling vidgame fell 54% by taking in only $13.9 million. Its second weekend performance has increased its domestic cume to $59.4 million, a sizeable difference between its $200 million price tag.
Disney is scoring well with its oversea numbers here, with “Persia” taking in $156.4 million from foreign sales. The Gyllenhaal-led release has tallied up $215.8 million worldwide.
In the 5th place spot is Warner Bros. and New Line’s sequel Sex and the City 2. The return of Sarah Jessica Parker and her friends dropped 59% in its sophomore weekend by earning $12.7 million. After 10 days of domestic release, the romantic comedy has earned $73.4 million. The budget is set at $100 million.

Shrek Forever After
$25.3 mil
$183.0 mil
Get Him to the Greek
$17.4 mil
$17.4 mil
$16.1 mil
$16.1 mil
Prince of Persia
$13.9 mil
$59.4 mil
Sex and the City 2
$12.6 mil
$73.4 mil
$11.3 mil
$11.3 mil
Iron Man 2
$7.7 mil
$291.2 mil
$7.4 mil
$7.4 mil
Robin Hood
$5.1 mil
$94.2 mil
Letters to Juliet
$3.0 mil
$43.3 mil

Iron Man 2 Numbers:
Budget: $200 mil
Opening: $128.1 mil

$291.2 mil
Foreign: $288.4 mil
Worldwide: $579.6 mil
Robin Hood Numbers:
Budget: $200 mil
Opening: $36.0 mil

$94.2 mil
Foreign: $172.0 mil
Worldwide: $266.2 mil 
Shrek Forever After Numbers:
Budget: $165 mil
Opening: $70.8 mil

$183.0 mil
Foreign: $68.4 mil
Worldwide: $251.4 mil
The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Numbers:
Budget: $200 mil
Opening: $30.1 mil

$59.4 mil
$156.4 mil

$215.8 mil
Sex and the City 2 Numbers:
Budget: $100 mil
Opening: $32.1 mil

$73.4 mil
Foreign: $27.6 mil
Worldwide: $101.0 mil
Friday June 11, 2010 Releases
The Karate Kid (3,400)
The A-Team (3,000+)
Winter’s Bone
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
The Lottery
Kings of the Evening
Gangster’s Paradise: Jerusalema
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Undead


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Clownican 6/6/2010 12:40:42 PM

As a person that really only goes to the movies during the summer anymore I can say that I only want to see one movie this entire summer and that movie is Inception.

The studios really dropped the ball this summer. I'm pretty sure Warner Bros. could have had the next Harry Potter out for this summer which I would have went to see. I'm really surprised we only got one super hero movie this summer. I will go to see any super hero movie in the theatre usually. But I dont go to see comedy or family films or crap like Prince of Persia. I would rather wait and rent things like that on PSN or XBL and watch them in HD in the comfort of my home.

If only Warner Bros. could have gotten Green Lantern done for this summmer, it could have reaped all the benefits of this lame drought of worthy movies to see at the theatre.

Well, 2011 looks promising with Captain America, Thor and Green Lantern. Someone give me a DeLorean and a Flux Capacitor cause I need to get out of this lame summer and go 2012 where it will actually feel like a real summer at the movies.


galaga51 6/6/2010 1:32:21 PM

The "final" Shrek movie is already out? 

And yeah, Inception looks much closer to where I wish the Matrix sequels had gone.

krathwardroid 6/6/2010 2:54:41 PM

You know, time moves fast enough without having to fast forward it. Not all of these movies are bad. I thought Splice handled itself ok. I'm not too excited about Inception only because it's a lot like that Jennifer Lopez movie The Cell. I'll only see it on the faith that Nolan can deliver.

samson 6/6/2010 3:22:53 PM

I finally made my way to "Prince Of Pursia"  on Saturday. Wow, talk about a let down. Between this and Iron Man 2, I don't know which was a bigger disapointment. Neither film was out and out bad. Just so very, very average.


hanso 6/6/2010 3:41:05 PM

 Yea Prince of Persia was a let down but I'm glad it played well overseas and made its budget back.  Maybe there is hope for Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (without Mike Newell directing) after all.

SONYMANswallows 6/6/2010 4:07:43 PM

Prince of Persia a flop? Ms Cleo predicted that in 1988.


Quit using all the crappy CGI. I keep waitong for Time Bandits to show up and kick Jakes ass.


Please let ALIEN dominate in 2011, come on Ridley you can do it.


Is the Zombieland sequel gonna make it out this year?

Chopsaki 6/6/2010 4:09:25 PM

Interesting I had no idea Robin Hood had a 200 mil budget. 44% on the Tomatormeter., thinking I might just wait for dvd on that one. Inception looks interesting though I'm not a big Dicaprio fan so I may end up waiting for dvd on that one as well. I'll go see The A-team (with no expectations), Predators (with no expectations), Expendables (with low expectations). Is it just me or does this summer blow goats? Red Dawn in nov & Tron in dec will probably be better then most of the crap that's been released thus far.

P.S. Machette should be lots of fun, right EagleManiac? :)

Calibur454 6/6/2010 4:35:44 PM

Chopsaki- I'm sorry my friend but the new red dawn will flop like a big turd. It may make some money sure but the reviews will be downright scathing. I'm actually halfway interested in Tron 2. It actually looks prety good. Even though they have amped up the special effects and that a first in a long time.

The Expendables is gonna a be a big 80's tribute to the action movies of that era. I'm all for something like that. The only thing missing that would make this movie a complete smash would be Quentin Tarintino directing the Expendables. This one is going to do well with mixed reviews.

Sonymanswallows- I've heard rumors that Zombieland 2 was going to be out in the fall or christmas of next year but with the announcement that it was going to be in 3d- we may have to wait till 2012.

I never intended to see the prince of pursia and I'm glad I havent given some of the comments on here. It doesn't surprise me Shrek won out against the greek. those that didn't see it when Iron man 2 during the first couple of weeks have finally come out to see the last chapter in the series, Shrek will be a rental for me.

Still up in the air about inception.


jppintar326 6/6/2010 4:46:20 PM

I saw Robin Hood and rather liked it.  It was rather confusing at times.  Was Robin Hood facing off against the French, King John, The Sheriff or Nottingham, or all three at the same time, for example?  And what with that Saving Private Robin Hood climax that ripped off the opening sequence of Saving Private Ryan?  Maybe the DVD release will have an extended version that will make more sense.

Flint521466 6/6/2010 5:12:43 PM

Didn't make it to any flicks this week.  Mrs. Flint had our baby on Memorial Day.  It's a boy!  We named him Luke.  I haven't slept since.

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