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Signs Of The Apocalypse Upon Us - AGREED!

4/22/2008 10:59:08 AM permalink

I had to respond to the well-written Mania article "The Mania Manifesto: Five Signs the Apocalypse is Upon Us" from Damon Brown. And in the end, it proved to be a decent rant, so I've added it here:

These signs couldn't be more apt, but I think it ought to be far bigger than it is. I'm just too tired think of them. Long story worth blogging later Maybe not. There's only so many interesting blogs that can be entered concerning one's sleep deprivation. Unless it's the Altered States kind, then that'd be kinda cool. Anyways....:

Reason 5: Yahoo! owned by Microsoft simply scares me. I see nothing good in it. It's only another step in Microsoft's attempt to ruling the world. I own a few accounts on Yahoo, and the idea of Microsoft touching them sends ice water down my spine.

Reason 4: "Chevron gas is made of people." Genius!

Reason 3: I'm kind of glad Mr. Petersen is getting the kind of moolah he's signed up for. But no matter how many times I see him, his acting just doesn't warrant it for me. It always seems just enough for the job. The question I have is where's Keifer Sutherland's money? I mean, come on! His acting chops are da bomb, yo.

Reason 2: Church-goers are a social lot. That said, the Wii fits them to a tee. However, the idea of using technology or a game to draw people in seems terribly gimmicky. The idea may sound great on paper, but the reality may prove something else entirely. It raises the level of being disingenuous to such a high glare, the threat of ruptured corneas would abound. It's just not a good idea.

Reason 1: When I read about this, I nearly gagged on a Pringles chip. And in kind, I would love nothing more than for DiCrapio to go choke on that Heart of the Ocean sapphire ala Titanic. Leonardo producing Akira???? And what city pray tell is he going to place this in? Manhattan. Oh yeah. That will make a WHOLE lot of sense. As if we need yet another movie to crash through and blow up New York City to smithereens. What is it with this love/hate relationship with NYC that it has to be so abused by SO many movies??? Cloverfield was the latest one, and the hits just keep on coming. There is just simply no let up. I've lost count on how many sci-fi/action/thriller/disaster movies to come out with an all out cinematic epic-scale abuse of that city. With all the other cities to choose from, that's the only one worth demolishing in a special effects studio? Sure, I can hear other people across the country in their city saying "Hey! You leave my city out of this. Don't you DARE mention my neck-o-the-woods buster." But still. It's getting old. And the American version of Akira can only wind up being wrong on SO many levels. I see nothing right about it at all. And I blame the Wachowski brothers for that. They set the stage for the floodgates to bust open on live-action based on oriental plots to the insane degree it's at. Do we really need a live action version for EVERY ANIME/MANGA ever RELEASED??? The best line in that whole article summed it up for me:
"Hollywood is pimping the hell out of our childhoods."

Sad, but true.

You know, when I was a kid, I loved the heck out of my Micronauts collection. They were awesome, with interchangeable parts that Lego hadn't the idea-machine to dream up of yet. How cool was it to turn a working, battery-powered engine that could act to turn parts for a spaceship AND a submarine that actually worked under water? And shoot missiles? It was too sweet.
[sarcasm]So, where's my movie? Where's my mega-million franchise for them? And for that matter, from the bowels of that forlorn arcade era, what about a TV mini-series for Tempest? I know I plunked down more than a few bills of quarters for that one. And for that matter, Hollywood is taking WAYYYY too long for kicking Discs of Tron out of pre-production hell. I mean, really. They need to get on the ball.[/sarcasm]

<groans /><fumes><sighs>

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