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Silvestri to Draw INFERNO

Top Cow head honcho returns to drawing comics.

By Rob Allstetter     September 21, 2001

Marc Silvestri hinted this summer that he had "an itch" to return to the drawing board.

And now comics fans know where he'll be scratching that itch. Top Cow announced on Thursday that Silvestri, the company's founder and co-founder of Image Comics, will return after a two-year hiatus to pencil the first two story arcs of INFERNO: HELLBOUND.
Also co-writing the series with Top Cow editor-in-chief David Wohl, Silvestri will continue to write INFERNO: HELLBOUND with the third arc, where originally scheduled series artist Dwayne Turner will take back over as penciler.

"I've been looking for an exciting project to bring me back into the realm of comic book art and I've found two of them," Silvestri says. "The first one is going to be this INFERNO project and the second one has not been announced yet, but will be launching in spring of 2003."

"INFERNO is one of the most exciting stories we've done to date," says Top Cow president Matt Hawkins. "It's the favorite story and project of everyone in our editorial and production staff. This is unlike anything anyone has seen from us before."

In the story, the gateway to Hell is opened on Earth and it's discovered that the lock can only be sealed from the inside. Only those destined for Hell can enter there, so a group of murderers and thieves are rounded up to infiltrate the dark domain.

Silvestri is also drawing a CYBERFORCE story for the Image 10th anniversary hardcover.


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