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Mayhem101878 4/23/2014 8:51:30 PM

Am I crazy or at some point was Angelina Jolie attached to this movie?

therockdltj 4/23/2014 9:32:07 PM

 It was delayed due to her having a baby if I'm not mistaken.

therockdltj 4/23/2014 9:34:00 PM

 Eva Green was later picked instead of Jolie  though.

Sanity 4/23/2014 10:12:11 PM

 Jesus Christ...Jessica Alba on that stage.  What I wouldn't do for that...

domino2008 4/24/2014 2:42:42 AM

I enjoyed that 1st film ,the Directors cut was great . I hope this one is as good as the last film.

domino2008 4/24/2014 2:47:22 AM

 So just because its been 6 years , doesnt mean much .. Look at the Star War films  or Bond films if Your going to talk about time between films

Dazzler 4/24/2014 3:47:11 AM

Wonder if there will be a San Diego comic con panel on this?

Mayhem101878 4/24/2014 5:40:45 AM

Ok I thought so, therockdltj. Thank you.  Anyhow I think that Eva Green is much better anyhow after seeing her in the new 300 movie. I'm looking forward to seeing this movie, despite the amount of years in between movies and the amount of people who have died since the first one.

BarbedArrowGames 4/24/2014 6:06:33 AM

Finally, a sequel to the BEST  DAMN  COMIC  BOOK  MOVIE  EVER! if only all comic movies were as accurate and faithful a translation as Sin City was, just think of the possibilities.

violator14 4/24/2014 8:37:37 AM

 Oh yes! Jamie Chung as Miho is WAY hotter than that other weird- alien looking chick. 

And so GLAD I get to see Marv in action again, one of the most badass characters i've ever seen on the screen. 

Jessica Alba-greatest MILF in history. 



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