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Singer Leads X-MEN Once More


By Rob M .Worley     December 17, 2009
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Comics2Film: Bryan Singer and X-MEN
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Singer back on 'X-Men'. Plus: 3 more join 'Thor'! A 'Spider-Man 4' death spiral? 'Wolverine' pirate to walk the plank and more. Privatizing national security, it's your Comics2Film 9.12.17!



IRON MAN 2 Trailer Is Up

Mania Cross-Link: Hey, you might have heard there's a little movie coming out next summer named 'Iron Man 2'.The trailer went online last night. Click and spaz!



133 IRON MAN 2 Captures

Speaking of that 'Iron Man 2' trailer, if you don't have time to download or view it, Internapse has created a gallery of 133 high-quality stills, captured from the reel. Check it out!

Thanks to Internapse for the submission.




Fans will recall that early last summer, a work print of 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' was leaked online several weeks ahead of the movie, causing potentially large damages to 20th Century Fox's box office take on the film.

Yesterday a new chapter unfolded in the drama. Variety reports that one Gilberto Sanchez was arrested at his Bronx home on Wednesday for being pirate zero: that is he is being charged with uploaded the work print to the site, from which the print spread.

He was indicted on the charges by a federal grand jury in Los Angeles last Thursday. If the 47 year-old man is convicted of a crime Sanchez could face up to three years in prison as well as a fine of a quarter of a million dollars.

At this point the larger mystery remains of how Sanchez got the film, but it's not hard to imagine he'll be cooperating to avoid jail time and financial ruin.

The illegal copy of the movie was download anywhere from 4 million to 15 million times, depending on who you ask. Fox claims if half the people who downloaded it actually paid to see it in a theater it would have meant another $50 million in revenues for the film.

"We support the FBI’s actions and will continue to cooperate with law enforcement to prosecute individuals who steal our movies," a spokesman for Fox told Variety.



Three More for THOR

Variety reports that actress Rene Russo is the latest to join the swelling ranks of the cast of Marvel's 'Thor' movie. Russo will play Frigga, mother of the Chris Hemsworth's god of thunder and wife of Anthony Hopkins' Odin.

Over at IGN they've confirmed reports from earlier in the week that actor Jospeh Gatt (Kratos in the 'God of War' video games) is among they cast. They've also revealed that  actors Troy Brenna and Josh Coxx are in the movie in unspecified roles.

However, their sources say that those three, along with Ray Stevenson, Jaimie Alexander and Stuart Townsend are currently in stunt training on the picture.

'Thor' begins filming in January under director Kenneth Branagh with an eye towards a May 20, 2011 release.



MARMADUKE Looks Great (Dane)!

USA Today's Paw Prints Post blog has a feature on the live-action 'Marmaduke' movie. While C2F was thinking this would be some kind of mix of CGI and live-action, it turns out director Tom Dey is going with real dogs on this one.

He also said the premise of the movie skews along the lines of a teenage romance.

"We've approached the movie like a John Hughes movie with dogs," Dey told Paw Prints. "The dog park is like high school for dogs. To make this kind of movie, you really have to understand that it is the dog's world and we just live in it."

Check out the video reel of Marmaduke acting on a green screen:

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



SPIDER-MAN 4 in trouble?

IESB has filed an exclusive report claiming that development of 'Spider-Man 4' is on "indefinite hold" in the wake of a dispute between Sony and director Sam Raimi.

Fans will recall that Raimi suffered some creative interference on the previous 'Spider-Man 3', which caused him to include the character Venom in the story in a way that didn't quite make sense. The result was a major stumble for the franchise which took a critical drubbing.

IESB now claims that the studio and Raimi have failed to agree on a villain for the film. IESB confirms that Raimi wants the Vulture (as he apparently did for the third movie). Supposedly Sony is opposed to the classic but, perhaps, out-of-date character and wants to look at more modern villains who are hot in the comics right now.

As a result "several department heads" were allegedly notified last Thursday to stop work on the movie. Supposedly the atmosphere behind the scenes is very contentious.

Sony aims to get the movie into production next year, but if they refuse to work with the script that's been developed around the Vulture, that could prove a major setback.

C2F thinks that the movie will be best served if Raimi is allowed to go with his creative instincts, rather than letting the studio committee dictate the story as happened with part 3 of the franchise.

What do you think, Maniacs? Is this the end of Sam Raimi and Spider-Man? If the current project falls apart, should they press forward with a 2010 production or regroup around the James Vanderbilt reboot? Post your comments below...




Walking the red carpet for the premiere of James Cameron's 'Avatar', director Bryan Singer revealed he's back in the X-Men family.

"I just yesterday signed a deal to do an 'X-Men: First Class Origins' picture, which is kind of cool," the director told MySpace reporters who were covering the event during a live video stream.

Rumors indicating Singer would come on board the "young X-Men" concept started earlier this year. Now the director himself confirms it.

Fans know well that Singer architected the first two 'X-Men' movies before jumping ship for the 'Superman' franchise. 'Chuck' and 'Gossip Girl' creator Josh Schwarz has been previously developing the 'First Class' movie, which some saw as a reboot of sorts for the franchise, focusing either on the original team in their young days (a la the 'First Class' comics) or perhaps an all new team of mutant teens (more like 'New Mutants' or 'Generation X').

Of course 'X-Men-Origins: Wolverine' ended in such a way as to lead into a 'First Class' feature, with young Cyclops, Emma Frost and others fleeing to the waiting protection of Professor X, just before Logan loses all memory of the events.

Watch Singer's comments at the bookmarked time (at about the 28 minute mark) in the video reel below:

Thanks to fft5305 for the submission.

What do you think, Maniacs? Are you glad to have Singer back in X-School? Post your comments below...


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Calibur454 12/17/2009 7:26:19 AM

It all depends on how he handles the story but so far im on board for this one.

Wiseguy 12/17/2009 7:28:15 AM

Singer's back? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Though I didn't hate his films his version of the X-Men was lackluster to say the least. Crossing my fingers he can get it right this time but I really really doubt it

Raimi needs to stick to his guns, even though the Vulture isn't the right villain. Lizard vand Kraven are the right combo to bring in. Anyway we know what happens when execs meddle with creative decisions. Better no Spidey than another bad Spidey

Thor's cast is looking fantastic. This movie is going to be all kinds of awesome

Fukk internet pirates (no offense to you pirates on this site) but all that get caught need to be treated like the criminals that they are. I hope they make a good example of this scumbag and all that follow. 3 years in jail seems light, especially since they usually never serve the entire sentence. I think they need to be charged with stealing what an expert says the studio loss cause of the theft. I think a 50million heist would garner more than 3 years

Calibur454 12/17/2009 7:28:32 AM

Spiderman 4 will go through sony isn't stupid enough to let rami go

Cheesey1 12/17/2009 7:48:51 AM

fox should officially give up the ghost and let Disney buy them out of the X-Men franchise.  X-Men First Class was a chance to breath life back into the X-Men franchise.  A chance to make the X-Men on the big screen every bit as cool, action packed and interesting as they are in the comics and prove to the world once and for all why they've consistently been the most popular and succesfull team in comics.  Instead they go back to boring singer.  Come on fox, this was your chance to finally make up for your many mistakes with the X-Men.  I want a director who is able to balance the story and the action and make it look superpowered mutant-tastic.  I'm very disappointed.  I really hope that Sony don't play themselves and start to meddle like fox does.

Sony, get over yourselves and let Raimi, who completely understands Spidey and knows what audiences like, do some film making. 

CaptAmerica04 12/17/2009 7:57:46 AM

I'm behind Sam Raimi on this.  I'm tired of studio interference with what they think is "what will sell the movie." 

"Ah, hi...hello... yes, you're doing a SPIDER-MAN movie.  You may have heard of him?  He's sort of a draw.  And you had a great franchise based on his character until you morons f*cked it up for part 3.  How about you shut your freakin mouths and let someone else do the thinking.  Specifically, the guy who actually KNOWS and is a fan of comics.  Thanks."

monkeyfoot 12/17/2009 8:17:11 AM



'Nuff said!

savagelee 12/17/2009 8:21:45 AM

Well, if Singer's back with the X-Men, I guess it means I can stop following the franchise all together. Because Singer's X-Men movies were reprehensibly crap. Unwatchable garbage. And nothing like the comics. Sorry Singer, I like you when you do character-based dramas, but keep out of the superhero sci-fi arena, 'cause you just ruin these things, man. 

Spider-man 3 sucked, so the studio should be trying real hard to prevent Spider-4 from sucking as badly. Can't blame them for not trusting Sam. 

FREE Gilberto Sanchez! "Pirate Zero" is an awesome thing to call somebody. Oh, and the FBI can blow me. Yeah, that's right, I know you read this stuff, you Mulder-looking jerks. And you can blow me. 


Lsn22s 12/17/2009 8:35:54 AM

spiderman 4....stop f*cking w/ Raimi damn it!!!! spiderman 1 and 2 made a lot of money...i dont understand why sony feels it necessary to mess with Raimi's vision...i hope Raimi doesn't give in....i mean, what "new" "hot" villains does spiderman even have??? go old-school, i'll take lizard, kraven, vulture, black cat, electro, sandman (again), mysterio, scorpion or maybe even Shocker (although preferably i'd like t see him in the sinister 6 or something, anyways)...

x-men...hmmm.....singers style is kinda boring to me, but not horrible...maybe now that we've had our brain cells beaten in by x3 and wolverine singer with make things a little more cerebral....this could turn out to be great, with the wolverine franchise and its spinoffs providing popcorn action-fests while the x-men stuff provides a little more thought-provocation...although i wish just ONE of these damn x-movies could find the proper blance between action and story development....Singers action is fairly underwhelming but x3 and wolverine were just kinda big, dumb loud action-fests with a just a hint of story for seasoning...

Iron Man 2....i CAN NOT wait to see Whiplash's full armor....or War Machine in action...or Iron Man for that matter...

THOR...i think i might be looking forward to Thor more than anything else right seems to be developing into in own very distinct sort of hero movie...not just a dude in a suit, or a dude with powers...i think its just gonna be a great breath of fresh air when it comes out....its a fresh premise, fresh director, fresh hero-choice (batman or spiderman this is not), great cast, its part of what will eventually be avengers, and this is a fresh corner of the marvel universe to explore!!!! wow i cant wait for this...

Wacko 12/17/2009 8:55:38 AM

WTF!!!!!! Why, oh why have Singer do another superhero movie?  His story lines even sucked.  What I hate most about him as a director for these movies is that he won't allow the actors to read the books as source material.  Hugh Jackson said it in an interview (but one of the grips would sneak him copies of wolvy books, gee and see how well Hugh nailed Wolvy,hmmmmmm).  The guy does'nt get the superhero world.  Which also means that we won't be seeing the standard costumes either, probably no uniforms at all, just gym clothes.  Lame, Lame, Lame!!!!!

GO GET RAMI!!!!!  I'm glad to hear it was not you who screwed up Spiderman 3.  Maybe the execs at Sony will listen to you this time.  

littlemikey979 12/17/2009 9:28:49 AM

Thats really kind of shatty that Fox would let him back into the X-men movies family. He ditched them, and the fans, to make a shatty Superman and after it sucked he tries to go back to X-men. I hope part of the deal he made was he makes next to nothing on this film.

Just to see if an X movie can stand on its own they should keep Wolverine out. I doubt they will, but it would be interesting to see how it would do without him.

The Ironman trailer is freakin sweet!!! I wonder if, refering to the shot with the circuits forming on his chest, if they are going to give him mental control over his armor from afar like he has in the comics and can think it to hisself. Would be awesome to see.

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