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Wiseguy 12/17/2009 4:47:07 PM

I think I made my point. You can fool yourself into thinking what you want. And if you think for a second, it's obvious that I had caps locked on by mistake hence the text pattern you see.

And if I wanted a writing lesson I'd sign up for one. I sure as hell wouldn't be taking instructions from petty thieves.

Oh and using a mispelled word to poke fun and hide behind shows your class. We all make spelling mistakes here, this isn't an english classroom and catching a mispelled word doesn't negate that you are a thief

isgrimner 12/17/2009 4:51:43 PM

Brian Singer on X-Men-- I don't think  they should have brought him back.  Ratner's X3 was extreamly bad.   But Singer's Superman was possibly worse.  Singer seems to change stuff in his comic movies just for the sake of changing it.   ie. Superman's burgundy cape?


Spiderman 4 -- I normally don't think a studio should dictate the story.  I don't get the Vulture though, I'm sure a quality story can be done with another villian from Spidey's rogues gallery.  I didn't hate Spiderman 3 as much as most peeps, either. 


Pirate zero-- I have the knowledge on how to obtain stuff like the Wolverine movie.  I'm a huge Wolvie fan and had no intention of watching a "downloaded" version on my computer.  I paid my money to see it in the theater and was somewhat disappointed then. 

gauleyboy420 12/17/2009 4:53:02 PM

I am for file sharing, I don't agree that it is stealing any more than making a friend a copy of a CD, tape, or DVD

Sharing didn't hurt Wolverine, watering down the character did. It made the movier pretty much blow chunks.



His X-MEN was SOLID GRADE A mutherfuquin' AWESOME, and X-2 will go down in history as one of the few sequels that was better than the first.

I love Singer, I love his take on X-men SA-WEEEEET!!!



RAIMI YOU ARE THE MAN, I wanna see your Spidey go back to what made part 1&2 great, BUT if Sony is screwing with your vision...WALK AWAY don't let them drag your name through the mud with a god awful Sony Directed Sequel.


If you walk Raimi I'll thank you because I'll know I can save myself $12 and SHARE Spidey 4

ponyboy76 12/17/2009 5:02:40 PM

"WALK AWAY don't let them drag your name through the mud with a god awful Sony Directed Sequel."

I actually thought it said drag you to hell. That would have been funny.

I also believe in file sharing, but the dude did outright steal it.Hey, if you steal and get caught, well, then you are a bad thief. Stealing and not getting caught is the American way.

Wiseguy 12/17/2009 5:02:55 PM

I think you guys calling file sharing with a friend something you bought and isn't a program ( computer program) that's one thing

But sharing a movie that was stolen and posting it on a public site for any and all through out the world to download is another. Now you guys are saying that everyone in the world is your friend, come on

Why do you think music companies went after these sort a while back, you are not sharing with your buddy at work, you're making something accessible to the entire world and eating at the possible consumer base

But some of you rather use a play on words, whatever. I say give this guy the max, if we want China and other 3rd world countries to get tough on pirates then we can do no less

gauleyboy420 12/17/2009 5:34:34 PM


I should have said "Don't let them drag your name through HELL"


I stil think it's sharing, and I pretty much pay to see any movies I've shared. I didn't even take part in the sharing of Wolverine, because I wanted the big screen experience.

savagelee 12/17/2009 5:39:43 PM

Avatar - You totally made your point dude! You clearly have an excellent undestanding of global copyright laws, and typing! I would love to sign up for your lessons about "how to show China and other countries how to behave."

Why didn't you take the time to read/edit your posts before you posted them? Didn't you see your caps was on? Did you type and post it while reading up on those big legal books you peruse while making sweeping generalizations about ownership rights?

Though, to be totally seriously dude, I don't care. Some people are cops and some people sell drugs, and some cops sell drugs. There's room in this world for us all to get along. I just wanted to poke a bit fun because you seemed so... Biblically self-righteous? But it's cool man. And you're right, I would rather "use a play on words." Play on words is fun.

How about this - every time a Hollywood actor/writer/director breaks the law by doing cocaine and paying for sex, I will break the law by downloading a crappy copy of their movies. And as soon as they stop, as soon as dead hookers stop showing up in fancy hotel rooms, I will stop using my computer for everything, aside from reading these awesome conversations held on-line by fans who are intelligent, rational, always calm, and always ready to laugh about a disagreement.

Miner49er 12/17/2009 5:53:50 PM

Interesting news. Now what would make Christmas complete, would be a new TRON: Legacy trailer.

dragon261 12/17/2009 7:42:47 PM

I actually think that Vulture could be a cool villain. I think it would be pretty spectacular an arial battle between Vulture and Spidey high above the city in broad daylight. I hope that Raimi sticks to his guns and gets his way or walks away and watches laughing his ass off as the whole project crashes and burns.

And as long as FOX has the film rights to the X-MEN I have no interest in seeing it. No matter who directs it.

And this clown going to jail for downloading Wolverine I bet he feels like the stupidest human being on the planet. Having to go to jail on account of that steaming pile of crap.

scytheofluna 12/17/2009 8:16:09 PM

Savagelee are you serious?  There was a time when siding with Wiseguy seemed like an impossibility to me, but it's happening more and more lately, and while that's kinda' scary........ are you out of your f**king mind?  Are you honestly insinuating that your blatant theft of copyrighted material is some kind of vigilante justice against celebs who snort blow and kill hookers?  Are you oblivious to the fact that there are hundreds of people who work on each one of these movies that have nothing to do with the crimes you're citing?  Quite frankly I'm baffled as to where you're getting your hollywood/hooker/cocaine statistics, but but it sounds to me like you are coming up with flimsy justifications for stealing.  I'm glad they put that punk in jail for stealing that crappy wolverine movie.  Illegally downloading music, movies, games, whatever is a crime and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  If you don't want to see a movie bad enough to put up with the theatre crowd, wait for DVD or Blu Ray.  If you don't want to see a movie enough to cough up the cash to buy or rent said DVD or Blu Ray, then SKIP IT.    I had some guys in my Halo squad who modded their XBOX 360s and got banned from XBOX LIVE, and even though they were nice enough guys and good teammates I don't feel a bit sorry for them.  I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire if you're the kind of person who steals things and then tries to come up with lame, flaccid justifications for it.  It's too bad it's harder to catch music and movie pirates.  It's no wonder the entire entertainment industry is deteriorating the way it is.  You get one District 9 or Avatar film for every twenty seven Twilight type movies, and you get one decent album from a talented band for every thousand auto-tuned pieces of pop fluff. 

Don't pretend that you have any traction in an argument regarding software/entertainment piracy.  Anybody who gets caught doing that crap deserves what they get, and worse.  It's not just the director, or the lead singer, or the actor, or the lead game designer who you're ripping off, but every honest, hardworking person behind the scenes who showed up to work every day and did their job.  Do you think that soundman # 5 wants to put up with coke riddled whoremongering douchebag lead actor?  Probably not, but he deserves his paycheque none the less.

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