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Singer Not Directing X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

Plus: X-MEN 4, SMURFS, SMALLVILLE and more

By Rob M. Worley     March 29, 2010
Source: Various

X-Men: Apocalypse arrives May 27, 2016.
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Confirmed: Bryan Singer not directing 'X-Men: First Class'. Plus: Millar refuses 'X-Men 4' gig? Vergara joins 'Smurfs' cast. 'Smallville' producers sue Warner Bros and more. Painting mustaches on dangerous dogs, it's your Comics2Film 10.3.29!




Heat Vision reports that actress Sofia Vergara has joined Raja Gosnell's 'Smurfs' movie in one of the live-action roles.

The report indicates that she will play "Odile, a powerful executive at a high-end French cosmetics company who is married to the live-action character played by Neil Patrick Harris."

However, that description conflicts with previous reports which had Jayma Mays playing Harris' wife in the movie. We're guessing that Vergara is playing Mays' boss. Vergara currently appears in the outstanding sitcom 'Modern Family'.



Gough, Millar, Tollin/Robbins sue over SMALLVILLE

The Hollywood Reporter details a lawsuit brought by 'Smallville' Creators/executive producers Miles Millar and Alfred Gough and series co-producer Tollin/Robbins Prods. against Warner Bros TV.

The suit, filed on Friday, alleges breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty against various divisions of the media giant. The crux of the matter involves the way in which one Warner Bros subsidiary (Warner Bros TV) licenses the show to another Warner Bros segment (The CW Network) stating that the money received for the show is far below what could have been earned if it had been licensed in a competitive manner.

The suit also alleges similar bad faith dealings in selling the show to foreign markets, bundling it at bargain prices with other lower-performing Warner Bros shows.

According to the complaint, the producers of the popular series are seeking to recover millions of dollars in damages.

Thanks to HudsonTaco for the submission.



Bernthal Joins WALKING DEAD Cast

Casting has begun on AMC's pilot adapting Robert Kirkman's 'The Walking Dead' comic, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Jon Bernthal, currently seen in 'The Ghost Writer', will play Shane. Fans recall that Shane was a key player in the first leg of the series as a friend of the lead character Rick Grimes who takes on protecting Grimes' wife and son during the period where he's presumed dead.



Leterrier Closer to Y: THE LAST MAN?

Latino Review has filed a nigh-unreadable report concerning the filmed adaptation of Brian Vaughn's 'Y: The Last Man'.

Regular readers will recall that the movie has been in development hell for years, with director D.J. Caruso attached and actor Shia LeBeouf in an endless holding pattern as a prospective lead.

According to the scooper report, Caruso is out but New Line President Richard Brener is eager to make the movie and 'Clash of the Titans' director Louis Leterrier is "circling".

That may or may not be an interesting revelation. The world "circling" is vague and could mean anything. We already knew Leterrier was interested in the movie because he said so last January. So it may not be time to get fired up over the rumor just yet.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Hemsworth Talks THOR Costume

MTV Splash Page caught up with actor Chris Hemsworth on the red carpet for his brother's new movie, 'The Last Song'. Of course, things turned to talk of 'Thor' which Hemsworth is halfway through filming. The actor couldn't share many details but did talk about the costume.

"It's a pretty impressive costume, and I think anyone who put it on would look pretty cool," Hemsworth told MTV News. "I have nice long, blond wig which they throw on every day."

The actor also joked that much of the rehearsal time involved teaching the actors how to pronounce the word "Mjolnir".

Check out the video for more of Hemsworth's comments.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



New LOSERS Poster

Want another new poster for 'The Losers'. No? Too bad. Warner Bros dropped an eighth new image on us this weekend. The movie opens April 23rd.



Mark Millar Rejects X-MEN 4 Job

'Wanted' and 'Kick-Ass' creator Mark Millar told his fans this weekend that he was offered the job writing 'X-Men 4' and he's turned it down. What's most interesting is what the bombastic writer reveals about Fox's development process on the movie.

Apparently an executive at 20th Century Fox named Drew Crevello is the one who offered the gig.

Millar said Crevello "really knows his stuff and said they'd be open to something quite radical."

He said the next screenwriter they're going out to is not a comic guy but "is one of the best three writers in the business. I really feel this is in good hands, but just not right for me."

As far as prospective directors Millar said, "The people he’s talking about behind the camera are all friends and heroes of mine. He also offered me massive scope with the story."

So it looks like plans are, at least at the moment, fairly ambitious. And while very recently Lauren Shuler-Donner seemed to want Bryan Singer to take on the movie, it sounds like the door is open for other directors on this project as well.

As for Mr. Millar, he told his readers that he's happy to simply be involved with his own characters which are enjoying commercial success on the big screen.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Vaughn Downplays SUPERMAN Talks

Speaking of Mark Millar, fans will recall that he rather famously touted his plans to reboot the 'Superman' movie franchise as a trilogy with director Matthew Vaughn. To hear Millar tell it, it sounded as if the pair were well along the path to landing the gig if director Bryan Singer ended up leaving the franchise. He was very recently called out as a liar by the fan press but insisted that his story was legit.

Now, Vaughn talked to MTV Splash Page and confirmed the story, sort of. Vaughn admits there was a conversation, but it was brief and not as exciting as Millar might have made it seem.

"That sort of all got blown out of proportion. I had a very brief chat with them and that's all it was. From a 30-second chat, it's become this huge thing," Vaughn told MTV. "It hadn't gone [as far as casting], we just had an idea for a story for Superman — that was it."

Which is pretty much as C2F (and regular readers of Millar's hype) suspected. Not a lie per se, but a true story doused in copious amount of hyperbole.



Confirmed: Singer Won't Direct X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

Last December's news that Bryan Singer would return to the Marvel mutant fold as the director of 'X-Men: First Class' certainly made an impact. Indeed, less than two weeks ago Singer and producer Lauren Shuler-Donner were generating some excitement by talking about the prequel, as well as a possible 'X-Men 4' movie. Then word broke last week that 20th Century Fox was talking to other directors about the movie.

Now, confirms that Singer's role on 'First Class' will be that of producer. Word is that Fox is very excited over the script that Singer developed with screenwriter Jamie Moss and is eager to get it into production right away. Singer is obligated to make 'Jack the Giant Killer' for Warner Bros so he can't take the helm this time around.

Interestingly, Deadline also claims that Fox likes Christopher McQuarrie's script for 'Wolverine 2'. While that project lacks a director, the studio seems to be eying  a fall start, which would fit in with Hugh Jackman's schedule.

It still seems puzzling to C2F that the studio would be so impatient with 'First Class' if they already have a competing X-themed movie ready to go, but we'll see how this all plays out in the coming months.

What do you think, Maniacs? Is Fox rushing into things? Who is the best director to take on FIRST CLASS? Post your comments below...

Thanks to evilbeagle for the submission.




A new TV spot for 'Iron Man 2' debuted on Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards over the weekend. The clip has some new footage including a speaking line from Scarlett "The Black Widow is So Totally Russian" Johansson. Check it out:


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Wiseguy 3/29/2010 8:51:47 AM

Never read Y the last man so don't care much about this, they've been talking this to death for years and nothing  yet. Anyway, it sounds a bit like that bomb Children of Men so maybe it's better off not being made

THOR baby, THOR. They're pretty far along on the film, somebody needs to leak a picture of the Odinson in costume

Skipping on most things Millar, just tired of this guy's mouth. Write your books and shut the eff up

I'm sick of all this lawsuits. Smallville has been on the same network forever,  what crawled up these jerks ass to want to sue all of a sudden. SCREW THEM

Chris Beveridge 3/29/2010 8:53:23 AM

 Oh good, no Singer on X4. That means I might actually like. The whole franchise has been one long mess that I can't see really salvaging anything good though. And the hatchet job done on the Wolverine movie in terms of story really points to the potential of the spinoffs being just as horrid.

thecheckeredman 3/29/2010 9:37:52 AM

I still Hollywood is taking the monthly comic serial format and pushing too hard to make it work as a film.  I feel this works okay for some.

However, something like FIRST CLASS to me screams TV.  Something that Fedak & Schwartz should be involved in.  The early life of the X-Men would allow for far more character development and long-unravelling storylines and multiple sub-plots far, far better and much more naturally than a one-n-done film.  Fans can tune in week after week to get their fix rather than once every few years.

Sure, something like FANTASTIC FOUR seems more spectacle and needs the big budget of a summer blockbuster to pull off, but something smaller and more intimate like DAREDEVIL would be a great 10pm crime/action/drama series.

SONYMANswallows 3/29/2010 9:59:27 AM

No news is always or sometimes kinda good news

HighFiveMan23 3/29/2010 10:00:18 AM

 Walking Dead:  I am stoked about this show.  Robert Kirkman is by far my favorite comic book writer and I cannot wait for this show to come out.  

Y: The Last Man:  Wiseguy, this was an excellent comic.  I hope they do drop Ledouche from this role.  I actually think Justin Long can channel the nerdy out of place only man on earth vibe.  

Thor: Also really looking forward to Thor.  I am glad I finally got to hear how to pronounce Mjoinir cause I had no clue how to say it lol.  

Losers actually looks like a fun movie.

X-Men 4 and X-men First class:  I hope they completely drop X-men 4.  Although I do think Bryan Singer did a good job with the first 2 X-Men Films, I think that mythos was absolutely destroyed with the 3rd movie.  I think X-Men: First Class is the right step to re-tell the story.  

jedibanner 3/29/2010 10:06:21 AM

Wiseguy, I would suggest that book to you ''Y the last man'', it's really interesting. Shia would actually fit the bill for this movie too, it would be a great thing for him and probably help his career a lot. Although, again, being that it's made in America, many of the tone and story of the book would be lost since it has religious and sexual content too frigid for the US.

It would be nice though, let's home it gets made.

Thor, can't wait to see  a picture, can't wait for the movie.

Millar is not helping himself these days, he's playing the hollywood game but, not the best way to get his name for director or anything important.

gauleyboy420 3/29/2010 10:09:11 AM


"Bomb, Children of Men"?  Now I don't know how much $$$ it made, but it was a great movie... Original, well made... Y the last man is NOTHING like it... I've only read the first few issues, but it's really cool.

Sux no  Singer on X-men FC, at least he's producing, and hopefully will help keep it being a suckfest like Wolverine. HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE he gets to direct X-4!!!

Millar just proves he's a class act. Knowing whats a good project for him and whats not, and not just taking something for a paycheck. I love all things Millar, if you read comics (I think there are like 5 of us on this site) and don't read Millars work, your missing out on some great stories... I think he's holding out for Superman, and now that his co-hort Vaughn is mentioned in a superman related news, maybe they will tag team it.



Wiseguy, were you on the side of the writers during the strike? I only ask, because this lawsuit (Smallville) seems to seems more likethey are suing for whats due them because the show was distributed without them being comphensated.

ElBaz13 3/29/2010 10:09:58 AM

Y the Last Man should be an HBO TV series, not a movie. Topher Grace would be a perfect Yoric. Once Clash is released and becomes a 300-like monster hit, Louis L will have Marvel Studios begging him for Avengers.

Smurfs: Was there an high end French cosmetic company in the cartoon and books? Didn't think so. This movie will suck more than Garfield and The Chipmunks.



ElBaz13 3/29/2010 10:18:58 AM

Y the Last Man should be an HBO TV series, not a movie. Topher Grace would be a perfect Yoric. Once Clash is released and becomes a 300-like monster hit, Louis L will have Marvel Studios begging him for Avengers.

Smurfs: Was there an high end French cosmetic company in the cartoon and books? Didn't think so. This movie will suck more than Garfield and The Chipmunks.



Hobbs 3/29/2010 10:33:18 AM

Tough to comment on the Smallville thing if you can't see the books.  They better have some strong evidence otherwise its just speculation.

Sick of Singer...or at least all the reporting of the 10,000 movies he's going to make next.  Do your Giant Killer movie and then talk to us once you are signed on for your next movie.

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