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Singer talks 'Superman: The Man of...Unrelenting Terror'!?!

    March 12, 2008

Bryan Singer confirmed earlier reports that he's returning for the next 'Superman' movie. In talking to Empire the director fired back at critics who didn't like the first or somehow try to paint it as a dud.

"That movie made $400 million!" Singer says incredulously. "I don’t know what constitutes under-performing these days."

He then goes on to assert that Superman is somehow a more difficult sale then 'X-Men', which is why the movie drew so much from Richard Donner's successful films. However, the director promises the next outing will be different.

“The first one was a romantic film and a nostalgic film,” he says. “I’ll be the first person to own up to that without making any apologies for it. I knew it was going to be that from the outset. And now that the characters are established, there’s really an opportunity to up the threat levels...Clearly there’ll be a body count [laughs]. From frame one, it will be unrelenting terror! All those teenage girls who found the movie and mooned over James Marsden or Brandon? Well, I’m going to wake them up!”


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