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They thought they'd committed the perfect crimeα Instead they encountered the perfect killing machine! It was a brilliant plan. None of the gand knew each others' name or age. Once the heist was pulled, each would go their separate ways, so even if one was caught, there would be no way to link him to the others. Now, with $1,500,00 in ill-gotten gains, all they had to do was wait a few hours at a hidden location, switch transports and IDs, and they would be off to a life of luxury. But their perfect plan instead becomes the web that ensnares them. For who could have suspected that their avarice would awaken an ancient lust? A malevolent force that once drove sailors mad, luring entire ships onto rocks where they would be sucked dry, their essence consumed? Who could imagine, in these modern times, that a creature like the Siren would have found a new way to trap its masculine prey? Adult superstar Sora Aoi IS the ultimate man-eater, as a path of sex, lust and murder leads to the ultimate horror in SIREN!

Volume Count: 1
Genre: Crime, Ecchi, Supernatural

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Region 1 - North America

Siren by Switchblade Pictures