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  • Age Rating: All
  • Released By: Geneon Anime Music
  • MSRP: 14.98
  • Aspect Ratio: 525429
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Sister Princess

Sister Princess: 12 Angels

By Lauren Goodnight     May 13, 2005
Release Date: December 07, 2004

Sister Princess: 12 Angels
© Geneon Anime Music

What They Say
This 24-track image CD soundtrack is inspired by the Japan PS2 game-turned popular anime series with esthetically beautiful music tracks and cute character-based songs performed by each of the original voice actresses.

The Review!
If you love Sister Princess and do not want to hate me, please don't read this review. The packaging, an aspect I shouldn't take into account when writing from my iPod, is one of the few redeeming qualities of this release. It is slick stuff, with beautiful art for each of the sisters. As well, there is a small vocal clip from each sister at the end of the disc, where each girl reads a "Hi, what's shakin'? I love my brother unnaturally!" note to the main character. The acting here is extremely on point and very, very cute. It, as well, is a serious redeeming quality of this disc. The problems arise when the girls start singing. Every track is what I like to describe as "over-produced". This is an image album, but its as though there is no creativity in the composition, and to cover for this, the producers made it "perfect". No amount of perfect can make "A Little Pansy", Kaho's song, worth listening to ever again in my whole life.

Where I took it: I popped this disc into my friend's car CD player, where we sat in traffic torturing those around us with the parade of sub-par pop frou-frou.
Where it took me: Running at full speed to find my Bubblegum Crisis: Best Vocal Collection disc.
Standout track: Kiss of Darkness -- I harbor a very public love of this track, as it was the only piece that felt edgy or genuine.
Skip-it track: Sweet and Sour Cherry Pie -- See if you can name all of the engrish foods, spices, and actions without looking at the lyrics!

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

karen - Daisy Bouquet ,kaho - A little Pansy ,mamoru - Speed ,sakuya - girlish ,hinako - Angel's Happiness ,marie - Prayer ,chikage - Kiss of Darkness ,haruka - Faint Dream ,rinrin - Secret of Love ,yotsuba - I Check Your Heart! ,shirayuki - sweet sour cherry pie,
aria - A Prince and Sweet Stars ,A Letter From Karen ,A Letter from Kaho ,A Letter from Mamoru ,A Letter from Sakuya ,A Letter from Hinako ,A Letter from Marie ,A Letter from Chikage ,A Letter from Haruka ,A Letter from Rinrin ,A Letter from Yotsuba ,A Letter from Shirayuki ,A Letter from Aria

Review Equipment

Karen: Natsuko Kuwatani

Kaho: Hisayo Mochizuki

Mamoru: Yumiko Kobayashi

Sakuya: Yui Horie

Hinako: Chiemi Chiba

Marie: Ryouka Yuzuki

Chikage: Ayako Kawasumi

Haruka: Yumi Kakazu

Rinrin: Chiro Kanzaki

Yotsuba: Tomoe Hanba

Shirayuki: Kumiko Yokote

Aria: Nana Mizuki


Executive Producer: Toshimichi Ohtsuki (KING RECORDS)

Producer: Atsushi Moriyama (KING RECORDS)

Original Illustration: Naoto Tenkou

Story: Sakurako Kimino Serialized in Dengeki GO's Magazine (Media Works)

Special Cooperation: Media Works ("Dengeki GO's Magazine" Editorial Department) / Kiyoshi Takano (Media Works / Norimichi Suzuki (Media Works)


All Mix: Yoshimasa Sakaguchi (KING SEKIGUCHIDAI st.)

Engineer: Narukazu Nishizawa (KING SEKIGUCHIDAI st.) / Hironobu Takigawa (KING SEKIGUCHIDAI st.)

Assistant Engineer: Mitsuru Ishii (KING SEKIGUCHIDAI st.)

Studio: KING SEKIGUCHIDAI 2St. / YKSt.Mastering

Engineer: Seiji Kaneko (KING SEKIGUCHIDAI st.)

Special Thanks: Tatsuhiko Ishii (STRIP) / Shinichi Akagawa (STRIP) / Jun Yamazaki (SOFT HOUSE UNO) / Satomi Arimori (STONE HEAVEN) / Susumu Kawada (KSP)


Word: Sakurako Kimino

Director: Shigeru Chiba

Coordinator: Tadayoshi Nukazuka

Production: Omnibus Promotion

Special thanks: QR Radio "Nonko and Nobita's Anime Scramble"


Illustration: Naoto Tenkoh

Designer: Eriko HironoArt

Coordinator: Yumiko Suzuki (KING RECORDS)

Promoter: Tomohiro Yamada (KING RECORDS)

Director: Go Nakanishi (KING RECORDS)


Executive Producer: Henry Goto


Producer: Nobu Yamamoto


Associate Producer : Michiko Powers


Mastering: Mack • Nightjar


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