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Skin Clean-Up - The Smudging Method by dperceful

By Adam Thur     July 22, 2003

(This tutorial is designed for Photoshop, but the same theories remain true for Paint Shop Pro, Painter, etc)

So here we are again. There are several ways to clean up pixelated, freckled, mussed up flesh. I use three different methods, all depending on time and the image. Sometimes I might use all three, but for the most part you can easily get the effect you want by using just one or two of these methods. Here we go.

Let's say we have an image that we want to clean up. Perhaps it's pixelated, has some high contrast to it, or just want to clean it up. For this lesson we will be using the smudge tool and nothing else.

The following method is fairly quick, it just depends on your image size and the amount of time you want to put to it (by that I mean your pickiness).

Our test subject for this lesson is Alyssa Milano.

Now this image is not too bad, Alyssa is still very hot looking. It however does have a little bit of pixelation and her skin is a little blotchy (not in real life, just the picture).


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