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Kyoko, a happy and cheerful 16-year-old girl, spends much of her time at the inn run by her childhood friend Shotaro, learning about housekeeping and hospitality. Shotaro, finding his family's business boring and lusting for excitement, decides to pursue a career in music. Shotaro coaxes Kyoko to leave her life behind and join him in his adventure. Arriving in Tokyo, Kyoko devotes her life to Shotaro, spending no money on herself and offering him whatever she can. Just as Shotaro starts climbing the ladder, however, Kyoko overhears him courting a starlet.

Yes, he has taken advantage of her blind love and simply used her as a free housekeeper from the very beginning. Cruelly betrayed, something inside Kyoko snaps and she vows revenge in a unique way: she will become an idol singer as well. By becoming a big star herself, she hopes to kick him out of the entertainment world, a complex world filled of variety, slander and jealousy. Despite innumerable competitors ready to thwart her at every opportunity, Kyoko gradually finds joy in overcoming hardships, kicking aside all who stand in her way with one word in her mind: REVENGE!

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